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4 steps to your best makeup yet

Beauty Crew Editor / January 11 2017

The key to a successful makeup look – whether that’s low-key ‘no makeup’ makeup, a fierce contoured finish, or a glamorous evening look – is getting your base right. If you nail that, you can pretty much count on your look staying fresh and flawless until you’re ready for a thorough makeup removal and cleanse. 

And because we all have different skin types, it’s important to prep your skin and choose products that will suit you. When it comes to normal-combination skin types, your biggest concerns might be a bit of oiliness on your forehead, nose and chin (your T-zone), some or barely visible pores, and maybe even some dryness on your cheeks. 

So here’s how to create a flawless base for your normal-combination skin.


Start with a primer

No matter your skin type or concern, this is a must after cleansing and moisturising. Not only can your primer create a smooth canvas for the foundation to come, but if you pick the right formula, it can help tackle issues that can compromise that flawless finish. For normal and combination skin types, use a primer that can help mattify oily areas (like your T-zone) while hydrating any dry patches, like your cheeks. Bonus points if your primer has blurring properties and can help minimise the appearance of any enlarged pores.

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Apply your foundation

There are two things you need to consider with your foundation: 1) that you’ve got the shade right, so that it matches your skin tone perfectly, and 2) that you’re using the right formulation for your skin type.

For normal-combination skin types, Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation with SPF20 has you covered for both. Featuring wonder-tone technology, the formula mimics your skin tone, leaving you with invisible coverage and a fresh-looking finish. In terms of the formulation, it will leave your skin hydrated without weighing it down, while helping minimise the appearance of enlarged pores.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation


Conceal your under-eyes

If you’re putting in the effort to create a flawless makeup base, don’t forget about concealing any hints of darkness under your eyes and illuminating the area. Use a concealer the same shade as your foundation and apply in an upside-down triangle (so that the base of your triangle is the length of your under-eye, and the tip is on your cheekbone). Blend the formulation in so you can’t see the ‘edges’ of your triangle.

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TOP TIP: If you suffer from really dark circles, use a peach-coloured concealer to counteract any blue or purple tones before applying your regular concealer.


Set your foundation

To ensure you’ve got your T-zone under control, use a loose powder brush and lightly dust some translucent powder across your forehead, down your nose and on your chin. This will help minimise any shine that usually develops during the day.

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