3 ways to nail the floating lashes trend

“Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away…”

BEAUTYcrew Content Producer / February 18 2022

When it comes to eye makeup trends, usually we’re bulk buying eyeshadow palettes and watching eyeliner tutorials in slow motion to nail the look.

But now, we’re turning our attention to our lashes.

You may have heard of floating liner, but what about floating lashes? 

Before you start stressing about airborne strands of hair, the finished look for floating lashes is simply lifted, fluffy and eye-opening. 

An optical illusion if you will, floating lashes look like they’re hovering above your lash line, while remaining firmly in contact with your eyelids. Phew. 

The trend is particularly popular with TikTokers (surprise, surprise), who always seem to capitalise on a trend well before the hungry masses get to it. 

Need an example? Check out @erikatitus and her full, fluffy eyelashes (FYI: the content creator uses Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara [$40 at MECCA] to achieve all that volume).

Wondering how to get floating lashes? Turns out there are a few ways to nail the look…


Floating lashes with mascara

The technique for creating a floating lash line with mascara was developed and pioneered by a TikToker with straight eyelashes@sierrasky

Sierra is a certified lash gymnast. The woman uses a series of very specific pulsing motions with a heated eyelash curler, before coating her eyelashes in a few layers of waterproof mascara

The content creator opts for stamping on her mascara at the root of her lashes, and lightly applies the waterproof formula to the tips, ensuring she doesn’t weigh down her lashes with product (or lose that all important curl). 


Floating lashes with falsies

TikToker @lolitagrace curls her eyelashes and applies mascara to her top and bottom lashes too. 

But it’s really false eyelashes she relies on to add volume, lift and length with a little less effort. 

The secret to achieving the floating lash look with falsies? Apply your false eyelashes underneath your natural lashes. 

This will help to lift your natural lashes and fuse them with the falsies for an undetectable finish. 

Length matters too, so make sure your lash band is firmly seated on the outer corner of the eye, and trim any excess lashes in the inner corner for that Bella Hadid cat eye flare.


Floating lashes with a lash lift

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of putting on mascara or falsies every day, might we suggest a (semi) permanent option. 

A lash lift offers the same results as both of the previous techniques, except you leave all the hard yakka to your lash technician. 

A perming solution is applied to lashes to soften and manipulate the hair. Then, your lashes are moulded to a curved lid guard, which helps to set the lashes in a curled shape. 

The perming treatment is then followed by a lash tint for a more impactful finish that removes the need for mascara altogether.

After a new mascara formula that’s light on lashes? We tried Milk Makeup’s Rise Mascara – their first new mascara in four years. 

Main image credit: @ellabalinska

Briar is a Content Producer at BEAUTYcrew. She is a self-professed skin care obsessive, always on the hunt for the perfect mascara, and can't go past a plumping lipgloss.