I tried Milk Makeup’s first new mascara in 4 years

"Rise and shine"

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / February 20 2022

I like to think of myself as a mascara aficionado.

I’ve collected excessive tubes of the stuff since my teens, and developed ridiculously obnoxious viewpoints on what a good mascara should be as a result.

I’ve combed endlessly through my lashes to dispel every single last vestige of clumping. 

I’ve layered formula on top of formula to concoct the ultimate lash-lifting brew.

I’ve even dabbled in lash extensions and lash lifts just to make sure I wasn’t wasting my time on a pipe dream for glorious lashes that would never eventuate into reality with a mascara wand alone.

So when I was given the opportunity to sample and stroke on a few coats of Milk Makeup’s sophomore offering in the mascara category, I almost broke out in hives from sheer excitement. 

Now to say I wasn’t a huge fan of the cult Milk Makeup Kush Mascara ($39 at Sephora) would be an understatement. 

I’m not entirely sure what went wrong. 

All I know is that a mascara should stay on your lashes when applied, not slide off immediately to land right back on the wand. 

But cosmetic horror stories aside, I was genuinely excited to try the brand’s latest offering.

What’s the deal?

The key differentiator between the mascara formulas is that Milk Makeup RISE Mascara promises weightless volume that can be worn on any lash. Straight eyelash-having folks, we're looking at you. 

The 93 per cent natural formula promises to lengthen, lift and curl for a subtle kind of volume that can be worn every day or used to accentuate bolder eye makeup looks.

Milk Makeup Rise Mascara

Vegan lash wrap technology has been used to ensure the product wraps around the full shaft of each lash for maximum coverage, while the curved C-shaped wand is designed to make gripping each lash a breeze and help to remove any clumps as you swipe. 

As with all other Milk Makeup products, this newcomer is clean, vegan, and cruelty-free. But monoi oil and marigold extract have been added to this particular offering to help condition, nourish and soften lashes overtime.

What does it look like IRL?

Considering this is Milk Makeup’s newborn, we thought finding other first impressions of the Rise formula would be very difficult. 

But it turns out that Milk did the hard yards for us and secretly sent their new baby to a handful of your favourite TikTokers to try. 

Which is great news considering one of the product claims is that the mascara can work on anyone’s lashes, and we only have so many y’know?

Check out what TikTok had to say about the new Milk Makeup Rise Mascara:

The expert review

As for me? Well, I have to say, after the horror show I had trying to wrangle with the Milk Makeup Kush Mascara, my experience with the Milk Makeup RISE Mascara formula was a dream by comparison. 

The application

To say I have a love like no other for the curved wand on the RISE mascara would be an understatement. 

I don’t currently have a Valentine but if I did I’m hitting up that guy for a last minute rendezvous. 

The way the C-shape perfectly hugged each of my lashes was very impressive. 

I personally love to lightly line my waterline with my mascara wand by jimmying the formula into the root of my lashes. And the process couldn’t be easier with this expertly engineered piece of machinery on hand. 

I found the all important swoop of mascara application to the tips of my lashes as easy as pie too. The formula is interesting because it clings to your lashes without clumping together, so colour payoff was amazing and lash length was also very impressive post-application.

The finish

Long story short? Subtle, volumised, curled lashes. 

My lashes were separated while also appearing fluffy. 

I didn’t experience clumping, though I would say that the mascara can tend to feather towards the edges of your lashes, so my tips weren’t as defined as I would have liked. 

But as far as everyday, lightweight mascaras go, this one is best in show. I literally couldn’t feel the product on my lashes which is a nice change from heavy and irritating formulas I’ve tried in the past.

Milk Makeup RISE Mascara

The final verdict

This is honestly one of the more impressive mascaras I’ve tried recently, but I think my favourite part of the whole experience was the C-shaped wand. It really just does it for me in every way and it grabs onto every lash, which I just wasn't getting from the straighter mascara wands in my collection. 

The mascara formula isn’t perfect (that feathering finish kind of irks me) but I love the way the opaque colour clings to each strand of hair so effortlessly. It makes mascara application a lot less time consuming for a lash perfectionist like me. 

Interested in trying this newcomer to the milk Makeup product stable? Milk Makeup Rise Mascara is now available – $43 at Sephora

Cop a tube before it flies off of shelves.  

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