Ariana Grande still relies on *this* 2019 makeup trend to disguise her dark circles

She's not ready to let it go, and now we see why

Digital Beauty Editor / May 16 2022

We all know how beauty technique trends work: one comes along, it seems wild that we ever lived without it, we add it into our daily routine, and then a month later, the Internet (and so our attention) is onto something completely new.

But while everybody else on the planet is currently applying blush right up to their lower lashlines (in the name of the sun-kissed aesthetic that TikTok is obsessed with RN), Ariana Grande is still relying on 2019's favourite under-eye area trick: baking.

Yep, even though many people let the power-soaking trick go long ago (quarantine definitely put a dampener on our glam games, didn't it?), Grande is here to remind us that it's still a dynamite hack.

Taking to YouTube to share a beauty tutorial that showcased a few of her r.e.m. beauty favourites, the singer/actress/beauty icon broke down her signature concealer/powder routine.

"I personally love a really, really, really full coverage concealer because my eyes appear to have been plowed by the d*ck of darkness, so I cover it up," she joked. "I like to kind of cover and [apply] base [over] my whole eye with concealer so that I'm eliminating any darkness coming from underneath, and as you can see it makes a big difference for me."

YouTube/@r.e.m. beauty

Here's where baking comes in: "I really like to bake it in for a long time while I'm doing my eye makeup," she explained. "So I'm going to make a big mess and this isn't going to look great [for a minute]." But as any baker knows, the end result will be worth it.

Another thing to note? Grande's tool of choice. While most baking is done with a brush, she actually uses a sponge to press her powder on. Shape wise, she opts for the classic 'under the eye, above the cheekbone' method, while also tapping a little onto her eyelids.

YouTube/@r.e.m. beauty

"We're going to leave that there for a while," she confirms, while moving onto her eyeshadow, eyeliner and so forth.

The final result? Beautifully bright under-eyes. anda flawless finish! And she did it all herself! Based on Grande's baking success, we'll definitely be working the technique back into our everyday application routines...

Main image credit: @arianagrande

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