The '60s eye makeup look trending on TikTok (thanks to Ariana Grande)

Switchin' the liner positions for you

Digital Beauty Editor / November 10 2020

Honestly, whenever a new Ariana Grande album lands, it's hard to tell exactly what aspect we're more excited about: the music or the makeup. Because both are always immaculate.

Blessedly for our eyes and our ears, though, the TikTok trend that's taken off based on her latest drop treats us to both at once in the form of some truly premium servings of content.

Because while Grande's affinity for cat-eyes in general is certainly nothing new, the '60s-inspired winged look that she's been serving since the 'Positions' era kicked off is on a whole other level. Basically, it's left Grande stans/beauty junkies no other choice but to whip out their blending brushes in the name of paying sweet homage in the form of some phenomenal makeup how-tos.

Haven't watched the music video seven trillion times like we have? Here's what the makeup looks like...




There are a few elements: a lightened lid, a dark exaggerated wing shape, and then Grande's traditional cat-eye liner and lashes layered over the top. It's basically a modern, neutral and incredibly chic take on Twiggy's iconic eye.

So, while we prep our products, let's take a look at a few of the ridiculously good recreations our favourite TikTok creators have whipped up... just follow along if you're keen to nail the look yourself.

Main image credit: @davemeyers

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