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Pia Miller Beauty Interview

The step she can’t face the day without

InStyle Contributor / July 03 2017

While on set for an InStyle Australia photo shoot, we sat down with actress Pia Miller to chat about her laid-back beauty routine. Arriving at the photography studio on one of Sydney’s hottest days on record — and a Saturday, no less — Pia is the epitome of effortless beauty. With her long, naturally textured tresses, flawless golden skin and big brown eyes, the former model could easily have stepped in front of the lens sans makeup and we wouldn’t have blinked an eye.

But then, you’d expect nothing less from the model-turned-actor, who kickstarted her career by winning the DOLLY Model Search competition in 1998 (following in the footsteps of Miranda Kerr). That big break led to her signing with a modelling agency and starting work almost immediately, still only 14 years 
old and in high school.

A “drama kid” at heart, Pia eventually transitioned from campaign and catalogue work to commercials and, after landing her first speaking role, enrolled in voice and acting classes. Now starring on Home and Away and an ambassador for haircare brand ghd, the talented multitasker and mum is busier than ever.

You’ve been on Home & Away since 2015. What’s it like starring on the long-running soap?
“I had just come back from some time in Los Angeles and was [feeling] totally inspired. I just really wanted to land a role that I could sink my teeth into, and then it was honestly like magic—a week later I got an audition, and the week after that I was in Sydney filming!”

Tell us about your character, policewoman Katarina Chapman. Do you see some of yourself in her?
“It was pretty cool when I got the brief because she was a determined woman with strong family values, was uncompromising in [achieving] her goals, and was passionate about her work. I was like, ‘I can relate to this.’”

You’re known for your lengthy mane. What’s your secret to a good hair day?
“I like to keep my hair as natural as possible, which is when it’s down, loose and has a natural wave through it. If I want it to be [more structured] I use the ghd Platinum Styler to create a loose bend or curl—it gives it a bit more polish and [ensures] that the style will last the whole day.”

ghd Platinum Styler

Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF 50

shu uemura eyelash curler

How would you describe your off-duty beauty look?
“Nothing! Less is more. I like giving my hair a good wash and letting it dry naturally, and giving my face 
a thorough cleanse and tone. I love being outdoors and I love the sun and ocean, so I do try and get as much vitamin D as possible—whilst still being sun-smart.” 
[We recommend Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF 50].

What’s the number one beauty tip you’ve picked up from the experts while working as an actress and model?
“Heat your eyelash curler using your hairdryer—it makes the bend on your eyelashes quite pronounced. I love my sleep and need a coffee to wake up in the morning, but for some reason curling my eyelashes makes me feel like the curtains have been lifted and I’m ready to face the day.”
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What’s coming up next for you?
“To be honest, I’m really stoked to be where I am right now and in my line of work—I’m really enjoying it. I also have two sons, one is nearly 14, and I’m journeying through their lives and seeing their changes and growth.”


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