9 Australian TikTok creators that’ll make your For You Page a thing of beauty

Like, literally

Digital Beauty Editor / October 28 2021

We swear our For You Pages know us better than we know ourselves at this point. Obsessed with a new show? TikTok knows. Need a laugh? TikTok knows. Hell, TikTok even knew that we needed to curl without curlers, and so the sock curl era was born.

There’s a specific ‘side’ of TikTok for every niche under the sun, and "oh, you must be on straight TikTok" has basically become our generation’s way of billing someone as boring.

The app will drill down super deep if you let it (if you’ve found yourself solely on pimple-popping-Tok you’ll understand), but don’t forget that there are perks to staying a little broader, especially when it comes to beauty. The variety available in the beauty sphere is half the reason we love it, after all.

We might want to see a glowy, glossy bare face one minute and an SFX-style beat the next. Or maybe we’re after advice rather than aesthetics, and then want to switch right back. If we want our FYP to serve as a constant loop of assorted beauty inspiration, then we need to tell it that.

How, you ask? By engaging with a wide array of creators that each have their own specific specialties, hence morphing your FYP into the place where they all unite in one big beauty inspo storm. You don’t have to go global all the time either; we Aussies have a lot to offer.

So with all that in mind, here are the nine Australian TikTok creators we recommend hitting the heart for…


Follow for: Works of art that belong in a makeup museum

We thought general bare-faced-to-glam before and afters were satisfying; then we saw @azzakabazzas’ out-of-this-world makeup masterpieces and everything flipped. He starts each video out by casually (and weirdly satisfyingly) swiping colour across his face to kick off the look (to a banger of a tune, of course), before debuting the ridiculously incredible final product. He’s refreshingly real about the massive amount of effort that goes into creating the aesthetics, too, generally captioning TikToks with quips like “10 seconds vs. 5 hours” to reiterate that Rome (or its makeup look equivalent) wasn’t built in a damn day.


Follow for: Artistic makeup looks that you could actually master

@muafjryan hits the tricky-to-nail sweet spot between aspirational and achievable. She creates looks that sit toward the statement side, but ones that you could actually achieve on a good day where the stars are aligned, your hands are steady and your rainbow palettes prepped. Eyes are certainly her specialty – the girl never met a graphic liner look, neon shadow or adhesive gem she didn’t like. She also may or may not be the reason we’re back on board the whole glittered/coloured brow bandwagon in a big way.


Follow for: Beauty inspo with a side of belly laughs

Dying to lock up the title for ‘the one who sends the most hilarious beauty TikToks to the group chat’? @rifenstine can help you get there. Delivering gems of instructional advice like “blend like it is an Olympic event” and when it comes to liner, “flick, drag, and hope for best” (eerily accurate), she’s turned her face into everything from a paint-splattered canvas to ‘The Grinch’ who stole our attention during an endless FYP scroll. The only thing that outshines her creativity is the character-esque voice she delivers it all in; it’s makeup-meets-skit-comedy at its finest (and funniest).


Follow for: A reminder that a glossy glow is always a winner

This is going to be a literal glowing recommendation if there ever was one. @aliwhittle_ has managed to lock up a skin care routine and signature makeup look that leaves her skin with a golden hour glow regardless of the time, so we’re prepared to take just about any glossy-finish product recommendation or gem of advice she hits us with. Luckily, she’s got many. Her page is jade-rolling, highlighter-blending, face-mask-applying heaven, and we are giant fans of the dreamy aesthetic she delivers.


Follow for: Tricks designed to solve all your makeup woes

If you’ve got a makeup query, @elliemakeupartist has a solution for you. Her followers hit her with ‘how-to’ style questions, and then she blesses us all with videos detailing the answer, and how to achieve the goal. Some of the standouts include ‘how to make your forehead smaller’ and ‘how to stop makeup getting into my smile lines’. However, she does inspirational content as expertly as she does informational, and there was a clip of a Harry-Styles-inspired-Watermelon-Sugar eye we think we’ve played more times than the actual song (which is definitely saying something).


Follow for: A creativity kick-starter when your neutrals just aren’t cutting it

Where there’s glitter, we will go. So we find ourselves going to @samiras_artistry’s TikTok page multiple times a day. It definitely doesn’t hurt that there’s also a whole lot of rainbow shadow gradients and jet black lipstick looks once we get there. Sure, blue brows and clouds painted over our noses like pretty pore strips may not be options for us all skill or practicality wise, but hell, we’ll still give ‘em a go. And if all else fails, we can definitely take some more general cues from her in the ‘inspo to flex your creative makeup muscles’ department.


Follow for: Styling, care and protection tips all tailored to textured hair

Honestly, @babu_sira’s textured hair is so damn gorgeous we’d sit there and watch her stare at the camera. She definitely keeps us entertained though, breaking down everything from her preferred washing routine (curl-friendly product recommendations included) to her go-to styles. Unlike your local DJ, she also takes requests, allowing followers to pick styles for her to test-drive (such as a killer sleek pony with baby hairs laid to utter perfection that she recently sampled).


Follow for: Updates on fresh MECCA drops, and how to use them like a pro

If sparkly swatches and slow-mo application ASMR clips are your style, @meccabeauty has everything your FYP is missing. Not only do they let you know when fresh new product drops have landed, but they also have a slew of experts and content creators on board to show you just how to get the very most of everything you’re buying. If you’re in the ‘still deciding’ stage, their videos are amazing for getting a closer look at textures, finishes, etc. too.


Follow for: Swatching meets skin care/SPF wisdom

We were hooked the second we saw @ms_hannah_e’s bio (“all the cool girls wear sunscreen”), but her content certainly kept us coming back. Why? She’s a skin-fluencer that swatches everything under the sun, and talks topics from breakout-banishing body masks to how to not f*ck up fake tan on your hands. Basically, she’s got as much range as she does SPF-specific wisdom (and she’s got a whole lot of that, if you were wondering).

Main image credit: @samiras_artistry

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