#SockCurls are the viral beauty trend blowing up TikTok

Sock Hair Curls Are TikTok’s Newest Viral Beauty Trend

Perfect bouncy waves with no heat damage

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / March 05 2020

Lately it seems like not a day goes by that TikTok doesn’t deliver a new viral beauty trend. Now, the Gen Z-loved social media platform has served yet another game-changing hairstyling hack.

Introducing: #SockCurls. 

This clever heat-free styling method involves – as you might guess – socks. In a nutshell, it involves braiding the hair around the sock before bed. The result? Gorgeous, loose curls without the need for damaging heat styling tools. 

Check out these stunning results.

Yep, we’re sold!

If you're also keen on trying the look, here's how:

Step #1 / Begin with damp hair.
Step #2 / Take a small section of hair and place a sock at the top of it, folding the sock in half across the portion of hair.
Step #3 / Next you’re going to do a three-strand plait as you ordinarily would, however, there’s one key difference: treat each side of the sock as a section of hair. In other words, you’ve got two sock sections and one hair section.
Step #4 / Secure the end with an elastic band.
Step #5 / Continue repeating the above steps until you’ve braided all of your hair.
Step #6 / Leave the sock braids on overnight.
Step #7 / Gently undo the braids in the morning and loosely brush them out using your fingers.
Step #8 / Finish with an anti-frizz serum like IGK Cry Baby Coconut Oil Shine Serum to tame any flyaways and set with hairspray like Kevin Murphy Session Spray Flex to give your curls longevity.

The below tutorial provides a great demonstration of the technique.

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Main image credit: @gigihadid

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