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Content Producer / May 27 2024

We might be a little biased here, but as self-confessed ‘pretty sky’-lovers, anything that has anything to do with a gorgeous pinky, orange glow is going to catch our attention entirely. Which is exactly what’s happened here. 

Enter TikTok’s latest blush trend (that has us literally blushing): ‘Sunset Blush’. 

First posted by beauty TikToker Alissa Holmes, the glowing gradient wasn’t dubbed ‘Sunset’-worthy until commenters took note of the similarities. Since then, TikTok has run with the look and like it does, turned it into a major, need-to-try trend, with the likes of Nikkietutorials even trying her hand at the bold vista-worthy aesthetic. 

How to apply ‘Sunset Blush’

Much like the Ombré blush trend to come before it, the ‘Sunset Blush’ trend sees two dots of bright (and we’re talking neon) orange blush dotted along your cheekbone. Then it’s followed by two equally as beaming dabs of pink, further up your cheekbone towards your hairline. 

And the look wouldn’t be complete (or sunset-adjacent) without a hit of sparkling, gleaming highlighter, which is applied above the blushes. Then just take your trusty buffing blush and blend that mix out and up. 

It’s bold, it's big and it’s seriously on trend. Nikkie even likened it to the OTT blush styles worn in the ‘80s. And we can totally see the similarities. 

Best products for ‘Sunset Blush’

e.l.f Camo Liquid Blush in ‘Gorg Orange’

e.l.f Camo Liquid Blush in ‘Comin' In Hot Pink’

NYX Professional Makeup Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator in ‘Pure Gold’

The two seriously pigmented blushes that Holmes used were brought to us by budget-friendly brand e.l.f (we love to see affordability). The orange shade she used was the e.l.f Camo Liquid Blush in ‘Gorg Orange’ ($20 at Priceline), and from the same blush range the pink shade was ‘Comin' In Hot Pink’ ($20 at Priceline)

When it comes to the gloriously golden highlighter, Holmes used a hard-to-find pick from Milani (Strobe Highlighter in ‘Pure Gold’). We’ll let you take the lead on sleuthing that (we think, discontinued) pick out. But in the meantime, we’ll be taking it for a trial run with equally as golden (and shimmering) NYX Professional Makeup Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator in ‘Pure Gold’ ($14.39 (usually $23.99) from Priceline)

We’ll be enjoying the sunset from the comfort of our couches (with a mirror OFC) thanks to this pretty as a sunset trend. 

Main Image Credit: @alissajanay1

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