My dry, sensitive skin met its moisturising match in this itchiness-relieving moisturiser

Oat extract, I owe you a lot

Editor / July 15 2022

I’ve long thought that whoever teamed ‘dry’ and ‘sensitive’ as skin types commonly found together had a real (read: cruel) sense of humour. What a fun twist that almost everything richly hydrating (and thus adequately nourishing) tends to be too heavy (and thus inadequately gentle), you know?

And so any formula (especially for the body, which yes, my ‘dry as a bone and reactive as all hell’ skin type certainly extends to) that is sensitivity-friendly and super moisturising definitely tends to pique my interest. And that’s exactly why I was itching (literally) to give the Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion ($9.69 at Chemist Warehouse) a shot.

Because though my skin is haunted by dehydration year-round, winter is a particularly parched season for it, and I was ready to call in the big guns to address everything from ‘scratchy skin’ (my very non-scientific name for the ailment) to general skin health. So after a quick (and eager) read of the packaging (which specifically mentioned ‘extra-dry’ skin, ahem me), I stationed it by my shower and got to testing.

The product

I love a product with an easily decodable name and ‘Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion’ answered all my questions upfront regarding what to expect. Relief and moisture in a lightweight lotion form? Perfect!

A skim of the ingredients list also backed up my assumption that this stuff was on the right track – it heroes a ‘triple oat complex’ made up of skin-soothing oat flour, oat extract and oat oil (to take care of the calming portion of its goal) as well as some nourishing moisture-laden classics like glycerin and shea butter.

Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion

Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion review

I’m a morning and evening showerer, and I added the lotion to both bookend sessions. Technically the double up wasn’t super necessary, as the formula works to moisturise skin for a full 24-hours, but hey, nothing wrong with a little twice-a-day top-up, right? Extra-dry skin calls for extra effort!

Application wise, I like to apply immediately post-shower onto freshly clean, slightly damp (and because I’m me, outrageously red) skin. The lotion felt nice and cooling going on, and the texture hit the perfect ‘smooth but not slimy’ balance. Being fragrance-free, it has no real scent to it, just a slight ‘clean’ aroma (which is obviously preferable for sensitive skin). As I always say, “fragrance can be spritzed, there’s no need for it to be slathered”. Okay, fine, I just came up with that, but it works, right?

The ‘pump’ factor is a big thing for me with moisturisers, too – efficiency is key in winter, after all. As delightful as a good lotion feels going on, I’m not sure anyone would name the ‘fresh out of the shower and freezing cold’ application experience as one of their favourite parts of the day. Tipping and squeezing is simply beyond my early morning/late night capabilities and so, fuss-free pumps are definitely preferable.

The aforementioned icy application process was also fast-tracked due to the lotion’s quick-absorbing nature – it didn’t sit on the surface at all (or feel heavy/greasy in the slightest), and I could get dressed pretty much immediately. Good stuff, Aveeno!

Speaking of good stuff, let’s talk about the ‘relief’ the packaging was hyping up. I was (fittingly) relieved to notice that not only did my skin feel quite noticeably less tight and dry than usual (both immediately after applying and through the day) but I also spied a decline in general ‘flush’. That’s the calming oat kernel extract/oil at work, I suppose!

A fortnight into twice-daily use, my skin felt pretty topped up hydration wise – a rarity. The dreaded ‘itch factor’ was almost entirely relieved through the moisture boost (in fact, the only time I still experienced it was generally during the 12 seconds between showering and applying). I didn’t notice all too much in the roughness-refining realm, but my texture issues are more ‘keratosis pillaris on my arms’-related than anything else, and that generally requires a bit more than a classic hydrating lotion.

My only gripe would be that I felt my fake tan faded a tad faster than with richer formulas. But hey, kinda sounds like more of a ‘me problem’, right? It’s worth noting that the key word there was ‘faded’, too; instead of patching off in random sections, its opacity seemed to just gradually decrease during the week. So hey, maybe it could be a blessing in disguise with an upped application frequency. Richer formulas never did my redness any favours anyway.

The final verdict

Aveeno is a brand I’ve trusted for years – it was there for me when I first realised I’d been dealt the sensitivity card, and it’s been there for me many times since. This lotion, however, might just be my fave formula of theirs to date. It’s just pure ‘does what it says’ goodness, and that’s a sensitive soul’s dream. It’s safe to say I’ll be continuing with this bottle of reliably soothing magic throughout winter (and perhaps beyond) – the $9.69 price point certainly shan’t be an obstacle!

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