The nostalgic beauty buy our editor has joyfully reunited with in 2024

$10 game changer alert

May 22 2024

‘Nostalgia made cool’ has long been my favourite category. Remember when Twilight switched from a ‘don’t admit you like it over the age of 12’ type of thing into a kitschy cult-classic beloved by everyone with taste? That’s my most treasured type of transformation.

And so when a reinvented version of my high school self’s beloved Impulse spray (you remember ‘em!) landed on my desk, I was delighted to say the least. It had the price point and ease of the products I knew and loved from the brand, but was modern, fresh and sleek all the same. So how was my experience trialling the new Impulse Body Mist? Let’s find out…

The product

As a supermarket steal with serious staying power and a series of sophisticated scents, this option basically bridges the gap between luxurious and affordable. The line-up features four different fragrance variants, allowing you to select based on which notes you prefer and how you feel on any given day (personally I’m a fan of nabbing all to build out a flexible fragrance wardrobe). And let’s just say if you’re a crystal lover, you’ll love the stone-inspired options Impulse are offering up…

Wide Awake Sapphire ($10 at Coles) features a fusion of citrus, minty eucalyptus and aromatic basil, Empower Ruby ($10 at Coles) is spicier and warmer, with hints of ginger, jasmine and ylang ylang, and Inner Peace ($10 at Coles) contains a calming blend of blackcurrant and sandalwood. Balanced Mind Jade ($10 at Coles), the scent I chose to sample, is a delicately refreshing mix of pear, vanilla, and jasmine - luckily, three of my very favourite fragrance notes…

Impulse Body Mist review

Okay, first a confession: despite devoting my literal life to beauty and being lucky enough to test out a plethora of perfumes, few things excite me more than a body mist. I personally love the ritual of re-applying, so I enjoy something that’s buildable without being too overbearing.

I must say, though, despite the light, airy and fresh feel (and smell) of this scent, a single spritz left behind just the right amount of fragrance. Not that that’s where I stopped; I told you I loved the ritual… As for the scent itself, the Impulse Body Mist Balanced Mind Jade’s jasmine, pear and vanilla aroma smelled ‘clean’ yet sweet, and lasted all day long. Sure, my enthusiastic application technique may have contributed to its impressive longevity, but at a mere 10 bucks a bottle, who's counting spritzes anyway? However, another day where I only opted for a sole pre-work spritz, I was still enjoying the subtle notes of the scent well into the evening.

Speaking of spritzing, take solace in the fact that the spray nozzle disperses the mist evenly and mistily, so you don’t need to live in fear of stains on your clothing or droplets sitting on your skin. The packaging is cute, too, featuring pretty pastel shades (in line with the crystals they’re named after) in a convenient handbag-friendly size that blessedly happens to be far lighter than a heavy glass perfume bottle. No fear of smashing your favourite bottle either; the only risk when dropping one of these mists is that someone will try and nab it after catching a whiff of you.

The verdict

This body mist hits all my bases - it’s accessible (just pick up your fave at your local Coles), affordable (again, we’re talking $10), and genuinely an asset in my beauty routine, thanks to the gorgeous scent and ease of application. Balanced Mind has definitely become my everyday go-to - I just love the fresh sweetness of it - but I’m bound to stock up on the whole collection so I can decide per day. These mists are somehow sweetly nostalgic and able to deliver everything I need from a modern fragrance, all for $10 at my local Coles. You won’t find me without one (or TBH, two) in my bag.