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Content Producer / September 06 2023

The product

The French really know clean effortless beauty. So, it’s no surprise that the Avène Tolerance Control Intensive Skin Recovery Serum is becoming a game-changing beauty must have. 

If you have sensitive skin, and/or suffer from redness, dryness or discomfort, this serum is the one for you. As most of Avène products are, the Avène Tolerance Control Intensive Skin Recovery Serum is formulated with their iconic thermal water (which helps to restore your skin's barrier). The non-greasy, quick absorbing serum is also powered with patented TRP-Regulin (which helps reduce discomfort) while pro-vitamin B5 deeply hydrates and protects your skin from irritation. 

Here’s what our panel of Review Crew® testers had to say about the soothing, restorative super serum.

The panel

Beauty Crew sent the Avène Tolerance Control Intensive Skin Recovery Serum to a panel of women aged between 25-45 with sensitive, dry, red or irritated skin.

The lowdown

Here’s what the Review Crew® loved about the Avène Tolerance Control Intensive Skin Recovery Serum.

The way it instantly absorbed and calmed their skin: It’s not too often reviewers can all agree on serum absorption rates. However, the Avène Tolerance Control Intensive Skin Recovery Serum proved to be the exception, with reviewers all agreeing that the serum sunk into their skin instantly, calming their otherwise uncomfortable (dry) skin. And it creates a great base for makeup to sit on!

That it is sensitive skin-friendly: If you’ve got sensitive skin, you know the serum struggles, much like our panel of reviewers who all often avoid using active ingredients in fear of the reaction to their skin. Luckily, with the addition of this serum, they were able to slather away knowing that Avène is there to soothe their reactive complexions. 

The reduction in their redness: Suffering from redness is just no one's idea of a good time. So to find a serum that works to reduce redness was a giant win for our trusty Review Crew®. This serum was building up their skin barrier and beating away flakey red skin one dropper at a time.

The verdict

“This little gem really impressed me!. It was fantastic at smoothing my skin, I definitely saw my skin improving in texture and my skin calmed down. It definitely does what it is marketed at, which is soothing tightness. It really improved the hypersensitivity of my skin as I found it less reactive to whatever I put on top of it. I used it day and night and found that it worked brilliantly under make-up. I would absolutely recommend this product to others, especially those with slightly sensitised skin or those that would like something to soothe their skin.”
REVIEWcrew® Member
“I was excited to try this Avene Tolerance Control Intensive Skin Recovery Serum in my nighttime routine, as I had just started reintroducing more active products, such as a glycolic acid toner. Using the serum immediately after my toner, it helped soothe my skin and stopped it from getting too irritated or red. Overall, my skin has been less red, irritated or dry and flaky since using this serum. I saw an improvement within a few days of using this at night. The serum comes in a generous sized glass dropper bottle and the serum itself is milky white. The texture is quite watery, not oily or sticky and absorbs into the skin quickly and easily. It was easy and pleasant to apply.”
Emily N
REVIEWcrew® Member
“I received the Avene Tolerance Control Intensive Skin Recovery Serum and used the product for 3 weeks day and night after cleansing and under my moisturiser. I do have slight rosacea and often in winter my skin tends to feel a little dry. I tried the (fragrance-free) serum and found one squeeze from the dropper was enough to cover my face and neck area. It felt light and spread easily. It absorbed quickly and I was able to follow with my moisturiser without delay. Using the serum actually helped combat the dryness I used to experience in the past and my skin felt soft and comfortable. It helped reduce the redness in my cheeks slightly. I'll continue to use the product during these winter months to keep dryness at bay.”
Bianca O
REVIEWcrew® Member

The products for this Review Crew® trial have been provided by Eau Thermale Avène to Are Media and BEAUTYcrew for the purpose of trial and review by Review Crew® members.

*This combined average star rating for Avene Tolerance Control Intensive Skin Recovery Serum is based on a combined total of 20 reviews submitted and is correct as of 06/09/2023.

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