Looking to ditch the salon? We've found the perfect colour-freshening partner in crime

Fresh strands in three simple steps...

Content Producer / June 18 2024

Gather in close because we've got a secret to tell you. We've already dropped our Glossier launching in Australia bombshell, so what could this latest and greatest secret be? 

Okay fine, twist our rubber arms. We'll dish out hundreds to see our strands taken just a few shades darker in a single visit just for it to end up fading a few weeks down the track (not to mention be seriously dried out). It's really not ideal! And so we've finally found a way to ditch the salon once and for all. Yep, we've got all our DIY ducks in a row and we're on to our latest strand-loving endeavour: at-home hair dye.

So, before we spilt this piping hot tea, we figured our Super Crew members would be the best to give us all their intel on their experience with DIY colour. Here's everything they discovered along the way...

#1 / At-home hair dye is worth a go

Take our Super Crew's lead and pick yourself up a box of Clairol Bold & Bright ($8.99 (usually $17.99) from Chemist Warehouseto achieve glossy, vibrant and intense colours no matter your hair colour or texture (big call, we know).

If you've been done dirty by box dye tones being not quite right and leaving you with questionable colours, you'll be pleased to know Laura S rated "this product (as) a great alternative to in salon colouring and it did not leave (her) hair brassy or orange".

It's time to make the call and cancel that appointment...

#2 / The results were impressive

Like we said, coming away from a fresh colour at the salon is incredible. Until a few weeks later when your hair suddenly feels like straw (IYKYK). Well, not in this case. Thanks to the clever (and intensely hydrating) inclusion of a nourishing conditioner, our members were able to see their vibrant fresh colour boosted by their moisturised strand-shine.

"My hair was surprisingly soft after leaving the conditioner in for a few minutes," Laura S shared. And, unlike salons, minutes is all it takes for seriously soft strands (the dyeing part takes a little longer, but the results are worth it). 

Gabrielle K was also impressed: "It gave me an even colour, my hair smelt good, it was soft and shiny." The benefits basically read like a wishlist: smells good, soft, shiny and offers a wonderfully even coverage. We think we're onto a real winner. 

#3 / It's legitimately easy to use

If you've always been curious about colouring your strands at home, but never plucked up the courage, this is your push out the door (or to your online cart) to try out the seriously easy to use Clairol dye. "First of all packaging and instructions [are] clear and easy to follow. All steps are numbered on each package within the box and you have everything you need to begin" says Gabrielle K. 

And if you're worried about not being able to apply the permanent dye evenly, Fox L's words of wisdom will surely put you at ease: "the hair dye mixes out to be purple which makes it easy to track which section of your hair you have applied to."

Basically, we're ready to see you snapping selfies while taking your tress transformation into your own hands. 

The verdict: Totally transformative

Our Super Crew members gave the Clairol Bold & Bright 4.5/5 stars. Yep, it's sitting right up there. Fox L even said "the kit surpassed (her) expectation through and through". See, big moves. 

And that wasn't the only glowing praise the dye kit received, with many of the members loving how their hair smelled after use. "It has a sweet coconut scent" said Laura S. And let us tell you, that is unheard of in the hair dye universe. So, appreciate the tropical notes while you transform your strands, with the Super Crew's stamp of approval, of course.

Oh and PSA: always strand-test before dyeing your hair at home, promise? 

Went a tiny bit outside your hairline? Don't worry, we know exactly how to get hair dye off skin...

Main image credit: @candyfairy

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