Non-awkward solutions to semi-awkward wellness concerns

We’re answering all your ‘awkward to ask’ questions

Editor / September 28 2023

Life is full of awkward things – it’s brutal but it’s true. But you needn’t suffer in silence through the awkwardness, at least when it comes to wellness.

That’s exactly where we can help! We’ve rounded up the most common conundrums and found solutions bound to eliminate the awkward-factor entirely.

From now on, the only reason for flushed cheeks will be generous blush application! We’re taking all the awkwardness out of these five wellness concerns, and leaving you with smart solutions for dealing with them…

Why are my heels so rough and cracked?

With sandal season now in full swing, dry heels can be a real vibe killer. But considering we don’t exactly plan on quitting walking (which is generally the cause, as it’s consistent pressure on the heels that tends to harden them), an alternative solution is needed. Exfoliation is the answer! Getting your hands on a sole-smoothing foot file is a quick, easy (and actually pretty painless) way to get those heels feeling silky in no time. Sandals as cute as yours deserve soft heels, after all.

How do I control odour from light bladder leakage?

There’s not much worse than having your mind riddled with thoughts, panicked that the odour from your light bladder leakage is attracting attention – and not the good kind. But we have two pieces of advice that can help. Firstly, try not to panic – LBL is an incredibly normal thing to experience, and you’d be surprised how many people completely understand what you’re dealing with. Secondly, (and this is the top tip to remember) add the Poise Advanced Odour Control Liners with Charcoal ($6.40 at Woolworths) to your LBL solution kit. Designed to offer dryness and comfort (two major wins in the LBL department), they’re also powered by charcoal and the brand’s ABSORB-LOC® technology to offer dual-layer odour protection and keep any associated smells under control. With this solution on your side, you’ll be feeling more confident and comfortable than ever, knowing your signature scent is all others will be smelling on you.

What do I do about that one random chin hair?

Now we’re not talking about a full-fledged beard here (as a woman, if you’re dealing with a sudden uplift in facial hair growth, we advise booking in with your GP to first rule out any hormonal concerns that may need addressing). We’re talking about that one hair that always reappears in the exact same area, every single time. Honestly, the answer isn’t rocket science, but it can be nice to confirm that you’re not alone in needing a quick chin hair cull. Honestly, your best bet is using tweezers - waxing/shaving could irritate the overall chin and jaw area as it doesn’t allow for the same amount of precision. And hey, at least you’ll know where to find the sneaky strand (again: same area, every time)...

Why are my toenails yellow and fungus-infected?

A beautiful buttery yellow polish is one thing, but naturally yellow nails are another issue entirely. Sure, you can cover them with a few coats of polish, but wouldn’t you rather get to the root of the issue and ditch the discolouration? The solutions are actually easy and affordable - try soaking your feet in a mix of baking soda and water, and applying tea tree oil topically onto the nail and surrounding skin to help correct the colour and fight fungus. Those feet will be looking fresher in a flash.

How do I stop fake tan pit stains?

There’s a cruel irony to the fact that fake tan often makes you feel better in your clothes but is also out to completely destroy them. The pairing of sweat and a fake tan formula is one that usually leads to baked-in orange stains that give off a general ‘body odour’ aroma. Hardly the goal! A coating of baby powder dusted over armpits (which is great for post-application drying, yes, but even greater for protecting your precious wardrobe) should help. It’ll work to fight against oil and odour, forming a barrier between the clothing and the (faux) colour.

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