Georgia Love’s date night makeup tip

Plus, will she watch the new season of The Bachelor?

Who Beauty Editor WHO and New Idea / July 27 2017

After a season in front of the camera as The Bachelorette, a career as a journalist and a social schedule now full of red carpet events, Georgia Love gets dolled up on a regular basis so it's fair to say she's picked up a few beauty tips along the way. Here, Georgia talks hair disasters, her favourite date night beauty look and whether or not she plans to watch this season of The Bachelor.

What’s your favourite date night makeup?
"Less is more—you don’t want to look different at the start of the night to the end. I focus on my eyes; I’m very lucky I have such long eyelashes."

Are they natural?
“They are. It’s funny, years ago I used to get comments and now everyone just assumes they’re false!”

Any past beauty disasters?
“When I was 14, I tried one of those box [hair] colours that last eight washes. It was meant to be mulberry but turned out bright neon orange and it absolutely did not wash out in eight washes!”

Along with being an ambassador for pancreatic cancer group the Pancare Foundation, you have teamed up with Palmer’s. What do you love about the brand?
“They’re good products, they work and they’re affordable. I love the body cream.” 

What’s your skin care routine look like?
“I am quite routine with my skin care. Every night I remove my makeup with a facial cleansing oil and then I cleanse a second time. I apply a serum and a moisturiser; they’re my go-tos.”

What’s your makeup essential?
“Everyone needs a really good foundation.”

What advice would you give your teenage self?
“So many things! She wouldn’t listen, she was a bit of a bitch! [Laughs] Not to use that wash-out hair colour. [Laughs] I’d probably tell her this: heartbreak is not the end of the world. He’s not that great!”

The Bachelorette dates were so extravagant. What’s your ideal date with Lee?
“We’re very good at mixing it up. Last week we had a movie premiere red carpet one night and the next we sat on the couch eating ice cream in pyjamas.”

Will you watch the new season of The Bachelor?
“It will be hard for us to watch any of the future series because we know too much about it now. But also having a very close relationship with Matty it would be like watching an ex-boyfriend dating 22 people, which would be weird.”


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