6 new backstage tricks you need to know

Here are the new techniques to master

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 25 2017

At MBFWA, we were absolutely fixated on watching experienced makeup artists work their magic on models backstage. Even more so, we just had to get the lowdown on the coolest makeup techniques used at each of the shows. Here are our favourites… you saw them here first.

Technique to try: misting

Why: The key to having a believable tan is a light-handed application, which is where the technique of ‘misting’ comes into play. “Rather than being really specific with the tan by using a mitt [at Bec & Bridge], we’re misting on the classic formula with a spray gun quite far away from the body, so the product just lands where the sunlight would hit first,” says Michael Brown, St.Tropez Skin Finishing Expert.


TOP TIP: Finish with a touch of St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil on your shoulders, collarbones and shins to highlight these areas and lengthen the look of your body.

Bec & Bridge

Technique to try: flicking

Why: The girls at Macgraw looked absolutely adorable and girl-next-door, all thanks to a smattering of freckles across their noses. “I’m using a concoction of face mist, brow shaper and gel liner, and flicking the formula onto the face with a toothbrush,” says Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Director Alphie Sadsad.


Technique to try: salting

Why: Similar to what you’d do with your food, ‘salting’ is simply sprinkling a powder over your face or body. In this case, it was tiny specks of gold glitter.


At the By Johnny show, the look we wanted to emulate was similar to waving your hands in the air with confetti.
Nigel Stanislaus
Maybelline New York
Makeup Director

By Johnny

Technique to try: patting

Why: We’ve already expressed our obsession with the matte red lips at the Rebecca Vallance show, so we were keen to find out more on achieving the look. After applying the lip liner and Liquid Lipcolour, “press Magenta Madness pigment in the centre of your lips so that it gives more dimension, like a 3D effect,” says Carol Mackie, Senior Artist of MAC.

Rebecca Vallance

Technique to try: tapping

Why: If you usually steer away from shimmery shades at all costs, then this trick would be perfect with you. “At the Albus Lumen show, we are using Laura Mercier’s Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser just tapped onto the tip of the nose with fingers for a more glow that’s actually coming from within,” says Ania Milczarczyk, Laura Mercier’s Makeup Director. 

Albus Lumen

Technique to try: scooping

Why: Just when you think you’ve got contouring down pat, a new technique emerges. “At the C/Meo Collective show, we used Maybelline New York’s Dream Terra Sun Bronzer and apply it from the earlobe, to under the cheekbone, and curved right down to about an inch from the corner of your lips in a scooping manner, to dramatically bring out the cheekbones,” says Stanislaus.

C/Meo Collective

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