We now know *exactly* what beauty products Nicola Coughlan uses everyday...

And we seriously rate them...

Content Producer / June 14 2024

The chronically online and ever hilarious Nicola Coughlan has only gone and done it again. Yep, between solidifying her place in our hearts as the one and only Penelope Featherington and cracking the most relatable jokes she’s found time to talk us through her whole beauty routine. 

And while we already know what our girl Pen’s makeup consists of, we were never quite sure of Coughlan’s beauty faves (although we did know her top skin care fave). That was, of course, until now. Speaking with Vogue, Coughlan shared her beauty secrets along with a serving of ultra-relatable humour. And we guess we’re all in a “secret club” with her now (IYKYK)…

Nicola Coughlan Makeup Routine

Given that Coughlan often sports the most unbelievably glowing skin we’ve ever seen, we (wrongfully) assumed her makeup routine must be as extensive as her skin care routine

But, crediting good genetics, her Irish upbringing and a helpful Lush Cosmetics colleague (who told her to apply eye cream and moisturiser from a young age) – along with the fact that she couldn’t afford to go on skin-damaging summer holidays – Coughlan really doesn’t need to do much to get such an enviable makeup look. So, let’s put our envy away and click add to cart because we’ve found out exactly how to recreate her everyday beauty look.

Nicola Coughlan's foundation and concealer

Before we even get to her undeniably glowing base, we need to talk about the one unbelievably relatable step Coughlan took before starting her makeup. Plucking her one long chin hair. Yep, the girlies that get it, get it. Coughlan literally believes it's a right of womanhood, although we'd really love for it not to be. 

Okay, onto her glow. So, we might be majorly coveting Coughlan's luminous skin (to no ones surprise really), but even she can't quite match the glorious glow Bridgerton makeup artist Jessie Deol creates on her skin. But TBH, we think she does a fantastic job. Coughlan starts off her makeup look a bit unconventionally, with a serious coating of Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer ($53 at MECCA). Why such a big hit? Well she swears looking back on old childhood photos she already had dark eye circles. We say, jury's still out; they look bright and fresh to us!

Using an Evian water spray on her beauty blender Coughlan expertly blends it all out, and then goes in with the Clé De Peau Beauté Radiant Fluid Foundation Natural ($191.66 at Cult Beauty) which she loves. And as she buffed that into her skin she gave us a little insight into her willingness to go through Penelope's character development saying she "was game" to look a little F'ed up at the start, all while knowing she'd get her "Pretty Woman moment" with the 'Pen transformation' glow-up that came with it.

Nicola Coughlan's highlighter and blush

We do have sad news to share... Coughlan's all-time fave highlighter stick (that's literally seen red carpet moments with her) is actually a discontinued Becca number. It's a trying time for all, we know. But in good news, she also uses the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand In ‘Pinkgasm Sunset’ ($60 at Charlotte Tilbury) which she adores because it's such a good combination of highlighter glimmer and pigmented blush colour.

Nicola Coughlan's eyeshadow, mascara & brow routine

When Coughlan cracked out her "really handy travel palette" that was smeared in fingerprints (iconic behaviour), we knew it was a true, trusty fave. And we're 99.99 per cent sure it was the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette Beauty Glow ($99 at Charlotte Tilbury), which Coughlan went on to use to create her "one shade all over the lid" really "lazy girl makeup" eyeshadow look. Which of course, looked incredible. Although we wished we knew exactly what she she chose!

Continuing being 'that girl', she puts a little bit of shimmer in her inner corners while questioning if it’s ‘cool’ anymore, but TBH we don't think think it would let that stop her either way (she's the trendsetter, after all; we'll all follow). As for the one makeup product she's "very obsessed with"? Mascara. Calling herself out, she claims she "puts on too much", but we think the Lancôme Lash Idole Mascara ($63 at Myer) application was perfection.

For her brows, Coughlan took a light layering of the Chanel Crayon Sourcils ($48 at Myer) to fill them out and then used the coming soon to MECCA Glossier Boy Brow ($41 at Glossier) for a bit of structured arch definition. 

Nicola Coughlan's lipstick

Unafraid of a bold lip, Coughlan opts for a bright, undoubtedly show stopping red lip look. As a major Pat McGrath girlie (aren’t we all?) both her liner and lippy come from the makeup superstar. Going in with what she described as a “little” lip liner (we say full lip coverage, understandable for a red lip) Coughlan used the currently out of stock Pat Mcgrath PermaGel Ultra Lip Pencil in ‘Blood Lust’ ($50 at Pat Mcgrath). Then she went in with just a touch (really this time) of the Pat Mcgrath Labs Mattetrance Lipstick in ‘Elson 2’ ($63 at Sephora). And because she was hoping for a glossier look, she used her fave lip mask (that she loves to sleep in) Tatcha The Kissu Lip Mask ($29 at Tatcha) to amp up the red sheen. 

Without much effort at all we’re able to recreate the not-so-wallflowers everyday glam looks. Now, how do we get Luke Newton to look at us the way he does her? 

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