Tried and tested: Barre Sweat

Barre Sweat Exercise Program Review

Here’s what we thought about the high-intensity workout

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / August 30 2017

While some people like to attend a relaxing yoga class after a tough day at work, I prefer to practically torture myself with an intensive workout; especially one that’s full of movement, variety, and of course, sweat. Which is exactly why Barre Sweat caught my eye. And with a description like “45 minutes of explosive cardio moves, barre and Pilates-inspired exercises”, I knew that completing a Barre Sweat class wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. But how hard-hitting would this class really be, and how would it measure up to my other favourite workouts like boxing and interval training? There was only one way to find out. Here’s my review of the Barre Sweat exercise program.

What it is

Just like a regular barre class, Barre Sweat covers off full-body movements with a special focus on your butt, abs, legs and arms - but the pace is amped up with a lot more energy. This makes it perfect for those who get bored easily, or find barre just a tad too easy.

When it comes to ambience, Barre Sweat has got it sorted. Each class is held in a studio filled with full-length mirrors where you can check out your form while you’re exercising, and to really get you in the mood, lights are dimmed and there are even LED lights that change colour throughout the session. What is usually a chilled playlist at barre is replaced with pumping tracks at Barre Sweat, which make the 45-minute class go by in a flash. Yes, it is possible at one stage I forgot that I was actually working out.

The process

One of the best things about Barre Sweat is how little you need to prepare for the class. All you need to do is turn up a few minutes before it starts, put your grippy socks on (the movements are quite active and the floor can be slippery), and make sure that you’re wearing clothes that you can move freely in.

TOP TIP: The studio I went to only allowed you to wear long tights or knee length pants, so it’s best to check in with your studio to see what you can wear to class.

The first couple of minutes covered off stretching and basic movements, and it wasn’t long until we threw ourselves into our first combination of squats, lunges and cardio bursts. While the first round of exercises seemed ok at first, the second was definitely a challenge, and the third was absolutely a hard slog. As for the fourth one? I secretly couldn’t wait for the class to be over, as there was sweat pouring out of every square inch of my body. Not a pretty sight in the slightest, but it was definitely an empowering feeling getting through all of that.

The final verdict

Barre Sweat is definitely not for the faint-hearted or for those who are after a mild workout; it really is a commitment, but one that you won’t regret afterwards. The fact that your hair is completely saturated by the end of the class and you have no choice but to wash your hair says a lot about this workout. Personally, I don’t know if I could repeat this class every day but it’s something that I’d look forward to incorporating into my weekly routine.


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