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Who Contributor / May 25 2017

If you are what you eat, consider Felicia Oreb and Diana Johnson clean, lean and healthy. The sister act from Sydney are the fitness duo behind Base Body Babes, an online personal training platform. The toned and taut pair are the definition of fitspo, with more than 620K followers on Instagram. Here they talk training tips and why strong is the new skinny.

What sparked your interest in health and fitness? Were you both sporty at school?
Felicia: We played lots of sports like hockey and water polo, and I have always been really active, training with weights since we were about 17. 

Your fitness philosophy?
Felicia: Its all about building a base – a foundation of strength – and creating a maintainable lifestyle. Nutrition also plays a huge part.

Describe your workout routine?
Felicia: Its a combination of strength and circuit. The circuit days are our version of cardio, so we dont do any cardio. We dont like cardio!

Favourite music to work out to?
Diana: House music and hip-hop

Felicia: And I like Justin Bieber

Diana: [Shudders and laughs] No! 

What would you say to women who equate weights with bulking up?
Felicia: Dont be afraid of training with weights. It comes down to three things: the way you train, technique and nutrition.

Your average day on a plate?
Felicia: We both eat gluten-free and refined sugar-free diet with minimal dairy. Breakfast would be two or three boiled eggs, sauerkraut, fresh baby spinach and cherry tomatoes, with gluten-free rice loaf toasted with organic butter. Snacks include protein shakes and nuts, and we will have a source of protein, like fish or chicken, and vegetables with every meal.

What about alcohol?
Diana: We didnt grow up around it so its not a part of our lives.  

Whats the best way to monitor fitness progression? Scales or a tape measure?
Diana: We dont focus on the scales. We like to progress with the numbers on our barbells.

Felicia: Take a photo beforehand and track it that way. 

How often should people work out?
Felicia: If youre training with weights, three days a week. Its hard to get results with anything less than that.

Your top tips to stay motivated?
Diana: Find a workout buddy and set goals. Get a plan in place or get on a program. Write it into your calendar and make the commitment to yourself to get there at least three days a week.

What is more important, working out or eating well?
Felicia: If youre training really hard but putting crap in your body, youre not going to feel good, so you want to do the best thing for your body both ways. You want to move it, but you want to feed it, too. 

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Your skin care regimen?
Diana: Hers is zero [Laughs]. I am into La Prairie products.

Felicia: I go the natural approach. I put coconut oil on my body, though Diana booked a facial for me and they used La Prairie. Thats why I started using it.

In your beauty address book?
Felicia: I go to Valonz for hair colour.

Diana: For hair colour I see Belinda Jeffrey from La Boutique, and Jess Furlan from Edwards and Co for a weekly blow-dry.

Fave hair products?
Diana: Sachajuan treatment and dry shampoo.

In your makeup kit?
Diana: Anastasias Brow Kit, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, and Prep & Prime from MAC. 

Your go-to look for a night out?
Felicia: Dewy skin and a little smoky eye. I use Dior eyeliner, a MAC eyeshadow and mascara from Make Up Forever or Benefit.

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