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Advertorial: Shine? What shine?

Beauty Crew Editor / May 25 2017

There is plenty to love about summer, but for many (especially those with combination skin that is prone to oiliness), it’s a time of year that makes us think twice about what we’re putting on our faces. 

From skin care to makeup to sunscreen, one wrong step and your natural radiant glow can turn into a greasy, shiny finish in a mere matter of hours. 

Which is why it’s important to stock up your beauty kit with products that are lightweight, help control any oil and shine, and will ensure you look flawless for hours. 

Enter Rimmel London’s newest foundation, Fresher Skin Foundation. Here’s why it’s worth adding to your summer makeup kit.

#1 / It’s like your skin, but better

Not only does the formula feel so weightless, it’s like you’re not even wearing any makeup. It gives your skin natural-looking coverage and a fresh finish – the perfect look for a summer’s day! 

The formula features Rimmel London’s revolutionary quick-break texture, which essentially transforms the foundation from a bouncy water-gel to a cream when it’s blended onto skin, so it glides onto your complexion like a dream and leaves a natural finish. 

#2 / You won’t have to worry about shine

Besides the fact that the foundation feels lightweight in texture on your skin, it contains skin-caring natural mineral powders to help absorb excess oil and control shine throughout the day, so it won’t feel heavy on your face as the temperatures begin to climb (those with combination skin types will know what a win that is).

FUN FACT: Not matter how much you build the coverage of the foundation, it still allows your skin to breath so it won’t clog pores or settle into fine lines.

#3 / It’s got redness and uneven skin tone under control

Summer is the season for ‘no makeup’ makeup and the key to nailing the finish is an even complexion. This foundation contains skin-loving aloe, chamomile and sea algae extracts, which act as natural skin-correctors to help reduce the appearance of redness while visibly improving your skin tone and texture. 

Now that your summer foundation is sorted, here’s how to create a summer-friendly makeup look that’ll keep shine in check.

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