The beauty editor-approved tip that will totally change how you apply your skin care

How To Apply Skin Care, According To A Beauty Editor

This could very well be the secret to your best skin yet

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / September 05 2019

Okay, we’re sure you’ve heard this before: You shouldn’t just apply your skin care to your face, you should also apply it to your neck and décolletage.

Why? Because the skin on these areas is thinner and more delicate, contains very few oil glands and is frequently exposed to environmental elements like the sun and pollution. They are, therefore, much more susceptible to – you guessed it – signs of ageing.

But how many of us actually bother to follow this very important skin care rule? From asking around at BEAUTYcrew HQ, it seems like not a lot! And the reasons vary from just simply forgetting to, to not wanting to get oily serums all over clothing. So then we end up not applying product care below the facial area, and our necks and décolletages miss out on some much needed TLC.

Thankfully, there’s a VERY easy solution. During the latest episode of the Get Lippy podcast, marie claire’s Beauty Director, Sally Hunwick, revealed a very interesting skin care trick she uses every day that will have you virtuously following this skin care rule like never before…

Apply your skin care in the buff!

Yep, it’s as simple as that.

“[Apply your skin care] as soon as you get out of the shower, and then you can get dressed,” says Sally. And it totally makes sense because, as Sally says, if you have a T-shirt or even just a bra on, you probably won’t bother as you won’t want to get product all over your clothing.

And, once you get going, don’t stop at your décolletage. If you’ve got excess product left on your hands, you can extend your products’ benefits down to other areas of your body.

“If you don't have any clothes on, you can put it on the backs of your arms, or on your bottom, on your stomach. You can use those serums and those moisturisers for good on the rest of your bod… Just because it says it's a face moisturiser, doesn't mean you can't take it down [to other areas],” says Sally.

Easy, right? Now no more excuses for not paying some attention to other areas of your body that are in need of some skin care love. You can thank us in 20 years! 

To hear more about the benefits of doing your skin care in the nude, as well as the cons of microblading and a very interesting interview with Australian cricketer Sophie Molineux, tune into Get Lippy below:

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Will you be trying this skin care trick? Let us know how you go in the comments.

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