Are ‘bottleneck bangs’ the new curtain fringe?

Let’s unpack the trend that’s captivated Hollywood

BEAUTYcrew Content Producer / February 03 2022

Hollywood has a history of influencing us all with their iconic (and sometimes outlandish) hair choices. 

While chopping your hair into a fringe any other day of the week might warrant a visit to your therapist, if your favourite celebrity suddenly debuts a fringe on the red carpet *cough* Margot Robbie *cough*, then a brief courtship with a pair of scissors is subsequently justified. 

The latest celebrity-approved fringe trend that’s got us considering this very move? Bottleneck bangs. 

Categorised by a distinct resemblance to a bottleneck, this particular brand of face-framing takes its cue from the curtain fringe, only with a shorter set of strands in the centre of the forehead.

Celebrities trying out bottleneck bangs

Dakota Johnson has embraced variations of the trend over the years, yo-yoing often between bottleneck bangs and a curtain fringe. 

Margot Robbie also famously turned heads (and left a few mouths open) when she walked the Oscars red carpet with a wavy version of the cut. 

Kristen Stweart, on the other hand, recently gave us a fresh version of bottleneck bangs that burgeoned on micro-fringe territory for the Spencer press tour.




We can barely keep up with Billie Eilish’s parade of various hair colours and cuts of the last few years. But the “Bad Guy” singer took our breath away when she dyed her hair pitch black and sharpened her wolf cut into a defined set of bottleneck bangs. 

Lily Collins kept her take on the trend relatively classic, opting for a more traditionally flattering cut, while Lady Gaga went in the complete opposite direction with an almost angular cut that peaked at her forrid. 




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