All the celebrity fringes convincing us to cut bangs immediately

The temptation is all too real

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / May 29 2023

When not just one, but multiple celebs start experimenting with the same new hairstyle, you know it’s not just a coinkydink, it’s a thing. It's also probably a new trend that you’re going to want to jump on board with, stat.

But while bangs are nothing new, it's always exciting when a star swaps their side swept or middle-parted style for one featuring a fringe, whether it's blunt and bold or perfectly piecey.

We’ve spotted the likes of Bella Hadid, her pal Kendall Jenner, Hilary Duff AND Aussie bombshells Anna Heinrich and Steph Claire Smith all rocking fresh fringes, and it’s reignited the “to get a fringe, or not” internal debate that many of us go through on loop.

So, if you're feeling tempted by a trip to fringe town, check out these celebrity ‘dos for yourself.

Sydney Sweeney

If you hadn’t heard, the Internet rumour mill is working overtime at the moment trying to insinuate that Sydney Sweeney is somehow responsible for the breakdown of her Anyone But You co-star Glen Powell’s relationship with Gigi Paris. Paris reportedly unfollowed Powell a mere few days after fans noticed she’d done the same to Sweeney. She also shared an Instagram reel of herself walking the streets with the cryptic caption “know your worth & onto the next” after ditching Powell. What’s Sydney Sweeney been up to amidst all the chaos? Minding her business and debuting a fresh set of flawless curtain bangs on the CinemaCon red carpet, of course.

Cara Delevingne

Delevingne has been in her 'shag' era for a minute now, but this is by far the most fully-fledged front fringe we've spied on her. Edgy, fun and effortlessly cool, her newest look suits her to a tee.

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Kat Graham 

We don’t know what’s in the water in Hollywood, but the micro fringe is fast becoming a red carpet trend. Kat Graham is the third celebrity in just a few short months to try the edgy cut, and unlike Leighton Meester’s questionable fringe trim, we’re fully on board with Graham’s new look. 


Maya Jama

Maya Jama is so gorgeous that even when she makes risky haircut decisions it pays off tenfold. Case in point? She just got a fringe and instead of looking like she made a mistake at two AM she looks like a leveled up Pokemon. 


Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester debuted a freshly cut set of micro bangs at the Shazam! Fury of the Gods premiere this week, and honestly, we don’t know how we feel about them. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve always been fans of the ex-Gossip Girl star and we don’t mind a shorter fringe. But judging by how uneven it is, we think we might have to save Meester from her hairdresser’s shaky hands. Her makeup artist on the other hand deserves a raise. The actress’ base is flawless.  


Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid has been reserving her best hair transformations for 2023 it seems — it’s only March and the model has gone from brunette to blonde and back to brunette. We’re just a few days into Paris Fashion Week and Hadid has debuted a goth glam-inspired piecey micro fringe à la Beetlejuice’s Lydia Deetz. What’s next? 


Julia Garner

Garner stepped out at the 2023 SAG Awards with a brand new fringe! Her curls were styled smooth for the event, but we're extremely excited to see how stunning her bangs look with her natural texture intact.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana hit the red carpet to celebrate the long-awaited premiere of the Avatar sequel, and simultaneously debuted the cutest fringe we’ve ever seen. Clearly inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday era, Saldana’s stylist smoothed her freshly cut set of sideswept micro bangs with a combination of the RŌZ Hair Treatment Oil ($48 at RŌZ Hair) and Augustinus Bader Leave-In Hair Treatment ($77.44 at NET-A-PORTER).


Emma Chamberlain

Here we were thinking that Emma Chamberlain's house tour (shoutout to the corn tables) was going to be our favourite thing she gave us this year, but this wispy set of bangs may just top it. So cool, so chic, so her!


Sophie Turner

We didn’t think we could be more in love with Sophie Turner’s fiery red tresses, but then we saw the actress’ new Jane Birkin-inspired bangs. It’s a *chef’s kiss* from us!



It seems going from jet black to platinum blonde wasn’t quite enough for Ciara – she’s since added a fresh set of bright blonde bangs, and all we have to say is ‘wow’. Stunning.

Getty Images

Camila Cabello

Cabello has updated her look in both the cut and colour departments for her new coaching gig on The Voice, and both changes are gorgeous. Say hello to her honey blonde, wispy front-fringe era!


Julianne Hough

Hough has always been something of a hair chameleon, having rocked pink, blonde, brunette, red and every other colour in between as well as styles from flippy bobs to mermaid manes. This fringe-adorned vibe is our fave on her yet!


Dixie D'Amelio

D'Amelio has proven to be quite the pro at pulling off bold hair looks and yet its a classic set of wispy bangs that suits her to a tee. While we have a theory this feathery set may be a faux fringe, we'll be enjoying the inspo while it lasts.


Emma Watson

The Schiaparelli Haute Couture Fall/Winter show had one of the most impressively dressed front rows we’ve seen in a long time. But it was Emma Watson that literally made us stop in our tracks when we spotted her near the runway; the 32-year-old looks like Maya Hawke’s doppelgänger with her feathered curtain fringe. 


Simone Ashley

After her epic acting stints in Bridgerton and Sex Education, we’d fallen in love with Simone Ashley’s impressive head of curls. But the 27-year-old has range. Case in point? She just debuted a brow-grazing fringe and straight hair via Instagram, and we’re kind of falling for her all over again. BRB, swooning…


Selena Gomez

We don’t know what’s in the water in L.A. but it seems that everyone has become infatuated with lash-grazing fringes and hair extensions. Selena Gomez clearly isn’t immune to the pervasive trend as she’s been spotted over on TikTok spotting a sleek version of the cult-favourite style. 

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is an undeniably attractive woman, but she’s managed to somehow make herself even more so with a fringe of all things. While most women might regret snipping their hair, we doubt Fox will ever regret this decision; it’s a *chefs kiss* from us.

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Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen has been seen sporting a new crop for the Doctor Strange press tour. The Marvel actress refreshed her shoulder-grazing bob with a chic curtain fringe that has us second-guessing our stance on spontaneous haircuts.


Doja Cat

A bold hair change is nothing new for Doja Cat, but here's the big difference with her latest one: it's not a wig. "Oh, this isn't a wig, by the way," her hair stylist JStayReady shared in a video of the two shared on social media. "Not a wig," Doja replied, smiling. "It's all mine. All of it! Every drop," Doja confirms. And let's be clear: every drop looks fabulous; we love the vintage feel of the bangs on her.


Selena Gomez

Gomez casually revealed her new fringe alongside the classic hair change caption “New hair who dis?”. Not only does said new fringe suit her to a tee, but the shaggy texture she’s rocking RN allows her bangs to beautifully blend in with her shorter chop; so damn chic!


Khloé Kardashian

It's not unusual for Kardashian to whip out a (usually faux) bob from time to time; she loves playing with different lengths in the hair department. What is a bit on the surprising side, however, is the addition of a front fringe. This wispy set of bangs happens to look like heaven on her, though, so we hope that A) if they're real, they stay for a season, or B) if they're the work of clip-in bangs, they still become one of the faux styles she frequently swaps in.


Dove Cameron

The biggest trend in fringe town RN? Baby bangs. And it seems Cameron is the latest celeb to test out a set. She gave fans a tiny glimpse at her (equally) tiny fringe in the form of an Instagram Story, and we’re awaiting the full reveal with bated breath.


Dua Lipa

Technically, Dua Lipa’s recent fringe was only a brief romance involving some experimentation with a bit of faux hair. However, we always love when the pop star plays with looks she’s never tried before (under the guidance of celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton, of course). The face-framing, side-swept Y2K-inspired moment barely touched the top of her fluffy brows in the centre, and cascaded to graze her chin at the ends.


Sydney Sweeney

The Euphoria star may have just dipped her toes into the copper pond, but that doesn’t mean she’s done making waves when it comes to her hair choices. Sweeney delivered another jaw-dropping transformation this weekend, revealing that she’d gotten a fresh new chop, too. The result? A lash-grazing curtain fringe courtesy of celebrity hair stylist Florido Basallo.


Lucy Hale

Hale has cemented her status as 'bob queen' by pairing her signature shoulder-grazing cut with a new curtain fringe. Crafted by hair genius Kristin Ess, the new layers are accompanied by fresh highlights and plenty of texture to top off the '70s shag-inspired 'do.


Zoë Kravitz

Zoë Kravitz paid homage to Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn for a special screening of her new film The Batman in London. Kravitz succeeded profoundly in her adoption of Hepburn’s Roman Holiday-era piecey side-swept bangs – the resemblance between the pair of gamine actresses was uncanny. The 33-year-old further cemented the comparison with a set of coiffed arches that emulated Hepburn’s notoriously bold brows, however, Kravitz softened hers with a fluffy, natural finish.


Sofia Carson

Hair changes are rare for Carson who tends to stay in the 'long jet black locks' lane, and so this just-past-the-shoulders shaggy layered chop and brand new set of bangs are both extremely exciting.


Paris Hilton

Leave it to Hilton to look right past an on-trend set of bottleneck bangs in favour of something a little more surprising (and a lot more glamorous). Sure, this stunning old-school rockability pinup fringe may have been (devastatingly) temporary, but at least we have it in permanent photo form (thanks to Hilton’s Valentine’s Day shoot as captured by photographer Brendan Forbes) to serve as vintage-inspired inspo for years to come.


Kristen Stewart

You’re probably well acquainted with the curtain fringe by now, but what about it’s lesser known sister – ‘bottleneck bangs’? Forget the hassle of constantly pushing your hair out of your face because this trend is a happy marriage between the aforementioned curtain and micro fringe. And while many of us may be unfamiliar with the term, the shorter (and arguably cooler) version of the classic style has started to win over celebrities. Case and point? Kristen Stewart has delved into choppy fringe waters with a set of bottleneck bangs while promoting Spencer.


Sydney Sweeney

Sure, it may have solely been a look her Euphoria character Cassie was trialling to grab Nate's attention (ugh, Nate), but we still think Sydney Sweeney looks beyond brilliant with a full set of bangs. We love the slight curtain cut, and the straight and wavy texture mix, too. Here's hoping Sweeney will take them for a spin IRL soon!


Shay Mitchell

Call it a happy coincidence or kismet, but two of our favourite things (Shay Mitchell in a wig and endlessly scrolling TikTok) have collided to create an even better thing (Shay Mitchell doing a wig reveal on TikTok). The ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moment is iconic to say the least, with Mitchell donning a face-flattering ombré bob and brow-grazing fringe. Our only question: how did Mitchell manage to smuggle her long brunette lengths under the damn thing with nary a flyaway in sight? Who knew a TikTok video had the potential to reveal the eighth wonder of the world… colour us impressed. 

Lily Collins

Alongside a subtle departure from her signature brunette locks, Emily In Paris star Lily Collins has debuted a fresh new French curtain fringe via her Instagram (and we are very into it). This is going straight to our saved folder so we can harass our hairdresser the next time we see them (#sorrynotsorry).


Gigi Hadid

Hadid recently took to Instagram (in the form of a paid partnership post with @hm and @ibkamara) to debut a brand new set of bangs. "You look STUNNING. The fringe is🔥" commented Queer Eye star Tan France, and frankly, we couldn't agree more.


Jodie Comer

Killing Eve star Jodie Comer has always been a source of hair inspiration for us, but the 28-year-old just turned up our love for her creamy blonde locks a touch. Comer received an on-set haircut from A-list hairstylist Patrick Wilson for a Harpers Bazaar UK photoshoot, resulting in the most perfect set of curtain bangs we’ve ever seen.



Zendaya may currently be zipping all over the world with her Dune castmates but that doesn’t mean she’s about to take a day off from stunting on us peasants. The 25-year-old kept things fresh with a brand new set of brow-grazing bangs that were subtly styled to the side. The fringe was the perfect accompaniment to her wardrobe of eclectic, desert-inspired ensembles and no doubt a nod to her character ‘Chani’ in the anticipated adaptation. 


Lady Gaga

Thought micro fringes were short? Well, it seems that Lady Gaga has invented the 'mini micro fringe', an even shorter take on the style. Her latest set of baby bangs barely covers the top of her forehead, but they're there and they're chic nonetheless. To paraphrase Nigel from The Devil Wears Prada, 'tiny fringe, huge impact'.


Bella Hadid

Model Bella Hadid just debuted an eclectic, punk rock dip-dye micro fringe and a razor straight bob. Now, we’re not entirely closed off to the opinion that Hadid’s new look is in fact a wig (especially given the fact that she was on set for a shoot with makeup artist Erin Parson’s), but humour us for a moment as we daydream about the model rocking her edgy cut in the bowels of some Berlin nightclub. Chaotic but beautiful. We’re in love.

Kylie Jenner

Jenner changes her hair colour and length more rapidly than anyone we know, but a front fringe is definitely a more unique look for her. She's dabbled with faux fringes in the past (and hell, this may be a wig as well, considering it appears to be for a Kylie Cosmetics shoot), but we have to say: the asymmetrical vibe is very strong, and we'd love to see her embrace it long-term. It also means you technically only have to do one brow and liner wing, so it's 100 per cent a winning look in our book.


Zoë Foster Blake

"Uh oh. Looks like someone gave up on growing her hair out", Foster Blake captioned a series of Instagram Stories showing off her new fringe. "I feel like MEEEE again! Will I ever go (have the patience to) long again? Who knows* (*cares). Now do your dang best, Sydney humidity. I'm fringed and curly and don't give a hoot."



After switching from the icy shade of blue she was test-driving back to her signature bronde, Ciara also got a new cut to match her fresh colour. She debuted her fringe via her 'gram, describing the feel as "'60s retro", and we are thoroughly enjoying the vintage vibes she's serving.


Dua Lipa

Vintage vibes aren't anything new for Lipa; she's basically the queen of '90s-esque beauty looks. This '60s-style fringe, however, is totally fresh. Could it mark the dawn of a new album era? Perhaps. Is it taking everything in us to not send it to our hairdressers alongside a few appointment time suggestions? Why yes, yes it is.

Olivia Culpo

Culpo may have dabbled in the faux fringe realm on several occasions, but it seems this is the first time she's rocked a real one, and boy oh boy, is it a look. She shared this snap alongside a few pics of her with her nephew Remi, captioning them "Rem approves of the bangs!" to confirm that she'd officially secured the most important seal of approval.

Alicia Keys

It appears Keys is kicking off a new musical era with a new cut, debuting freshly chopped blunt bangs alongside the caption "New side of Alicia to introduce you to." So while we wait for the rumoured music release to land, we're going to go ahead and nickname said new side 'our #1 hair idol'.

Bella Hadid

Hadid stepped out with a wispy curtain fringe and we love the effortless, barely-styled vibes she's showing off. She has also ditched her dark locks for a honey-coloured hue that gorgeously enhances her green eyes.

Kendall Jenner

Jenner's fringe is possibly the CUTEST one we’ve seen. She’s gone for a short, blunt cut fringe and it’s reminding us of the ‘60s-inspired bangs that have been gracing the runways the last few seasons.

Anna Heinrich

Showing off another fresh fringe is Aussie beauty Heinrich. The blonde bombshell is trying her hand at sweeping cheekbone-grazing bangs and we have to say, we’re on board with this new look! We love how she’s shaped her long fringe with an exaggerated curl to frame her face. It’s very elegant yet still relaxed.

Steph Claire Smith

And here’s yet another curtain fringe – this time from Aussie model/fitness entrepreneur Steph Claire Smith. How good does she look?! Smith took to Instagram to share snaps of her brand new ‘do and long face-framing bangs. We’re loving the ‘70s-inspired look.

Jessica Chastain

When Chastain appeared at a press conference for Dark Phoenix (the latest addition to the X-Men film saga), we had to do a double take! WHO is that smouldering redhead? She looks completely different but we’re into her new blunt, full fringe. Very chic!

Hilary Duff

Okay you guys, ‘70s-style curtain fringes are definitely having a moment ‘cause here’s yet another one! It’s not the first time Duff has gone for a fringe (remember her Lizzie McGuire days?) and we love it as much now as we did then. The tapered ends of her bangs blend seamlessly into her long, face-framing layers, giving her hair the prettiest boho look.

Sophie Turner

Turner recently whipped out this stunning full fringe look, and boy does it suit her. The eyebrow-grazing length draws attention to her gorgeous ice-blue eyes and we love the subtle piece-y layers off to the sides. Considering she was back to being fringe-less the next day, it’s safe to say this look was achieved with a hairpiece, but we love it regardless.

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