The pro tips for styling your new curtain fringe

Here’s exactly how you should blow-dry your hair

Beauty Crew Editor / October 05 2016

The fringe is the latest celebrity hair trend to take over our social media feeds, with the curtain fringe quickly climbing the ranks as the new must-have cut for the season (though a full fringe like Ariana Grande’s is also having a bit of a moment). 

Also known as the gringe (or the grown-out fringe), the middle-parted style has become popular for a few reasons, mostly because there’s no awkward growing out phase, and – given it’s got enough length – it can easily be tucked behind the ears. 

While the style can look effortless and fuss-free, there is a bit of trick in getting the styling right, which is why we spoke to Tarryn Cherniayeff, Hair Director and Cofounder of MOB HAIR, to get the lowdown on how to blow-dry the cut to perfect.


Create your part

When your hair is still wet, use a tail comb to create a part straight down the centre of your head.

Try: Lady Jayne Two Tone Tail Comb



Pick your brush

To get the best result, pick a round brush that suits both your hair type and the length of your fringe.

“For a thick and curly fringe, I would use a medium-to-large boar bristle brush to get a smoother and sleeker effect, and for a fine-haired fringe, use a small-to-medium nylon/ceramic brush to get more bounce and body,” says Cherniayeff.

Try: Moroccanoil 35mm Boat Bristle Round Brush for thick and curly hair, or Curious Grace Ceramic Tube Brush Small for fine hair.


Blow-dry the section

When it comes to drying your fringe, Cherniayeff recommends going straight into the blow-dry, rather than doing a rough-dry first, as “this will avoid any fluffy, frizzy pieces and will ensure maximum tension to get the smoothest fringe possible.” 

As for getting that curtain finish, here are Cherniayeff’s tips: “First blow-dry and roll your fringe forward and under. Then, once dry, roll it around the brush backwards – away from your face – and let it set and cool down on the brush. Once taken out (this will look a bit ‘80s) part your fringe and smooth over with your dryer and brush in a flicking motion away from your face.

TOP TIP: If you want to keep your fringe in place all day, Cherniayeff’s secret hack should do the trick. Simply tease the base of your fringe to avoid too much movement.


Freshen up

To maintain the freshness of your fringe during the day and between washes, avoid touching it at all costs, and it’ll serve you well to spritz a lightweight, oil-absorbing product as needed to freshen it up. 

Try: Kevin.Murphy Doo.Over

Kevin Murphy Doo.Over

If you're keen to try a fringe, here are six things you need to know before getting it cut.

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