Lily Collins swears her fringe changed the way her hair reacts to humidity

“My hair used to be not great in humidity, but now…”

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / March 03 2023

Really great haircuts can make your morning styling routine substantially easier; they’re versatile, and require fewer styling products, and tonging with hot tools. 

Lily Collins can attest to this personally — her fringe styling routine is minimal. 

She prefers to air-dry, and relies on a travel-friendly brush and Living Proof’s Dry Shampoo (travel-size, obviously) for touch-ups as needed. 

“When I want to keep my hair looking messy [but clean], I’ve always loved dry shampoo,” she admitted in a recent interview with Glamour. “Even with bangs now, I don’t want to always have to wash my hair, so just putting a little in the roots and letting it go is the best way of dealing with it.”

In fact, the Emily in Paris star actually cites her bangs as her latest beauty obsession.  “They make a ponytail or a bun extra chic,” she gushed. “Even if it’s messy. 

“It shapes your face differently,” she mused. “There’s a sass to them.” 

But according to Collins, her iconic fringe has gone above and beyond the parameters of a great haircut — it’s completely changed the way her hair reacts in humid environments. 

“They also do really well in humidity,” she explained. “I know that seems weird, but they honestly do.” 

“My hair used to be not great in humidity,” she went on to say.

“With bangs at least there’s something on my forehead to look like something,” she theorised. “There’s a little Frenchness to it that I like [too], so I think I will keep them for a while.”

“[Plus], you can wear them so many different ways,” she continued. “They can grow out and be curly. They can be shorter. I love them.”

After hearing Collins wax poetic about fringes, when our friends text us at midnight to ask if getting a fringe is a good idea (again), we’re tempted to tell them to just go for it. 

A big believer that “the quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful,” Collins is all about individuality. As such, her beauty routine firmly reflects her personal tastes and once she finds something she likes she’s a loyalist. In fact, she loves this sheet mask so much she has it “shipped in by the box”.

Main image credit: @lilyjcollins

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