The $500 skin care device Lily Collins used to prep for the Met Gala

It’s a cult-favourite of K-Beauty lovers

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / May 03 2023

The 2023 Met Gala red carpet arrivals came thick and heavy, and no one came to play. 

From Doja Cat’s feline prosthetics to Florence Pugh’s bald head, the looks were fierce from first arrivals to Rihanna’s fashionably late entrance. 

Lily Collins was in attendance, picture perfect as always, dressed in a Vera Wang ball gown with Karl Lagerfeld’s moniker embroidered into the train. 

And while one without a trained eye would have been fixed on that sartorial detail, we were studying Collins’ porcelain visage.

Without a blemish in sight and an airbrushed ‘80s glam beat, the Emily In Paris star’s look was heavily considered and well-executed.

But if you think makeup artist Fiona Stiles relied solely on a kit full of Lancôme cosmetics to prep the brand ambassador’s skin, then you’d be wrong. 

Stiles actually secured a very exciting partnership with one of the most-hyped skin care devices in K-Beauty especially for the Met Gala — the Medicube Age-R Booster-H ($503.05 at Amazon Australia)

Medicube Age-R Booster-H

The Medicube Age-R Booster-H has been garnering cult-favourite status in Korea and on TikTok thanks to the glass-skin finish it leaves behind after use. 

@sarahkchey I see this product on my feed at least x1 times a day & the AFTER skin is just 💦💧✨ Use code: SARAH10 for 10% off! #beauty #kbeauty #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #skincaredevice #medicube #medicubepartner #ager #boosterh ♬ Peace - Official Sound Studio

We know what you’re thinking — that price tag is nothing to laugh at. But when you consider that half of the guests at this year’s Met Gala were lining up to get a $300 FaceGym Cryo Contour facial prior to the big event, it seems like a worthy long-term investment. 

According to Stiles’ Instagram, she loves using the exxy skin care tool on her clients like Collins because “it increases the absorption of your skin care by over 400 per cent. So perfect for skin prep!”. She also really rates how hydrated the skin looks after use.



While Lily Collins relied on one of the exxiest skin care devices we’ve ever come across to prep for the Met Gala, this budget-friendly hair tool was responsible for Margot Robbie’s bouncy Met Gala Hair

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