Lily Collins' skin care routine is an ode to France

From French pharmacy to luxury, she loves it all!

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / February 22 2024

Lily Collins has spent the last four years embodying Francophile Emily Cooper in Netflix's Emily In Paris, so it should come as no surprise that the actress' Parisian tenure has had an influence on her skin care routine. 

The Lancôme ambassador recently revealed in an interview with British Vogue that her daily skin rituals include a combination of French pharmacy favourites, natural French remedies and of course, products from luxury French beauty brand Lancôme. 

She uses thermal water sprays to balance the skin

"I stock up on thermal water spray (think: Avene Thermal Spring Water, $14.99 from Chemist Warehouse) in Paris – it’s way more popular here," she dished to the magazine. "Each morning I splash cold water on my face, but with all the travelling I do, I’ve found that it’s best to carry thermal water spray."

"I wasn’t that educated on the way different waters around the world can affect my skin type, but every time I come to Paris – right before I start shooting – my skin rebels against me," she explained. "I realised that sometimes the water is a shock to the system, so now when I splash my face with water from the tap, I make sure to follow it up with a thermal water spray, and then dab it with a tissue or cotton pad. It helps hydrate my skin, and eliminates any water impurities from the tap."

She uses natural French remedies & pharmacy products when her skin plays up

"There are also lots of naturopathic-style stores [in Paris] where you can make your own products," Collins shared. "They have all these oils and stuff."

"One of my favourites is arnica oil (Herb Pharm Arnica Oil, $22.51 from iHerb)," she revealed in the interview. "I tend to bruise more easily and arnica is really wonderful and not too greasy."

Collin also rates French pharmacy cult-favourite Avène Cicalfalte Cream ($20.99 from Chemist Warehouse) when her skin is misbehaving.

"It heals all," she gushed to the publication. "Whenever I have a scratch, cut or rash, my make-up artist uses Cicalfalte. You can use it on babies!"

She never skips the boring bits like washing her face & drinking water

"No matter how tired I am I take off all of my makeup, because if I don’t, I know I’ll regret it in the middle of the night or the next morning," she told British Vogue. "My first step is ensuring my face is clean with a cleanser, then I add thermal water spray."

"Maintaining the skin’s integrity is really important – and you want your canvas to be as clean as possible," she advised.

"For a show like I’m doing now, where you want the skin to look as glowy as possible for the character, it all comes down to skin health," she continued.

"[Another part of that] – and it’s basic – is trying to drink more water. I’m someone who needs to be forced because I’m not naturally obsessed with water," Collins confessed.

She uses products that help her skin to recover from frequent travel

Collins and her husband live and work between a handful of international locations, which understandably can take a toll on the actress' skin.

She relies on a small collection of Lancôme skin care products to keep her skin balanced and help it to recover from the harsh conditions of frequent travel, which can increase dryness and breakouts. Not ideal when you're nine to five involves being plonked in front of a camera all day.

"I love Lancôme’s Advanced Génefique Serum ($95 from Adore Beauty), whether in the bottle or in face mask form," she dished.

"The [Lancôme Advanced Génifique Hydro Gel Melting Masks ($39 from Sephora)] are easy to travel with – I do them morning or night to help lock in extra moisture and leave my skin feeling glowy," she said, sharing that she's used them for years and has even got her husband hooked on them too.

"If I don’t use that – and I always say it wrong, even though I like to think I speak better French now – I will use the [Lancôme] Rénergie Triple Serum ($212 from Sephora) and the [Lancome Renergie HPN-300] Peptide Cream ($125 from Adore Beauty)," she explained. "They help with skin firmness, and given the amount of travelling I do, I feel like my skin elasticity can really fluctuate."

Lily Collins isn't the only celebrity who likes a trip to the pharmacy for budget-friendly skin care. Miley Cyrus is a budget skin care lover too

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