Pedro Pascale's grooming routine is boujee as hell

In the words of Beyoncé: “It should cost a billion to look this good”

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / March 28 2023

If you thought beautiful people like the Internet’s favourite ‘daddy’ Pedro Pascale just woke up like this — you better think again.

The Last Of Us actor and his professional groomer Coco Ullrich-Mooney put a lot of work into Pascale’s look. 

The pair have worked together on the set of projects like The Last Of Us, and The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, and they teamed up again for the 2023 Oscars (and the subsequent Vanity Fair Oscars after party).

In a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar, Ullrich-Mooney dished on what a dish Pascale is and the exact products she uses to get him red carpet ready. Hint: they are boujee as hell. 

“Pedro really is the most fun to work with. He is very creative and always wants to collaborate on looks which I love, it really makes my job rewarding. [He] always makes sure I’m taken care of,” Ullrich-Mooney gushed. “It’s honestly true what everyone says about him. He’s the absolute best.”

“[He] is always aware of not touching his face and hair. When we worked together on The Last of Us, he was extremely respectful of the hair work I did as well as the work of our makeup department head, Connie Parker,” she revealed. “He’s a professional and [the] real deal.”

Image credit: @cocoullrich

Image credit: @cocoullrich

Pedro Pascale’s haircare routine

“Depending on [the] length [of his hair] we will do different things [with it],” explained Ullrich-Mooney. “When it’s shorter we let it air-dry before adding any product. That way we get his natural texture and then we can manipulate to our liking with products if needed.”

“When we worked together on the film Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent it was much longer, [and] my secret weapon was [Bumble and Bumble] Bb.Thickening [Full Form Soft] Mousse ($53 at MECCA),” she revealed. “I’d apply it to damp hair and then use my Dyson [Supersonic Hair Dryer] diffuser ($599 at The Iconic) to enhance his natural curls.”

Bumble and Bumble Bb.Thickening Full Form Soft Mousse

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The brief for his hair at the Oscars? “To use natural texture and make it a more polished, cleaner version [of his hair],” Ullrich-Mooney told the publication. 

“I first applied the [Bumble and Bumble] Bb.Thickening Full Form Soft Mousse ($53 at MECCA) to get sculpted, but still soft, curls and [to] diffuse [the hair],” she explained. 

“Then I applied a concoction of half [Bumble and Bumble] Semisumo ($45 at Kogan) and half [Bumble and Bumble] Sumotech ($53 at MECCA) to define [the] curls,” she continued. 

“I went in after that with more Sumotech to add some texture to the curls in the front with a little shine,” she said. “To finish it off, I set the look with [Bumble and Bumble] Does It All hairspray ($57 at MECCA).”

Bumble and Bumble Semisumo

Bumble and Bumble Sumotech

Bumble and Bumble Does It All Hairspray

Pedro Pascale’s skin care routine

If you thought that Pascale’s skin care routine was going to be magically more affordable than his haircare routine then you’re dead wrong. Ullrich-Mooney relied on La Mer’s most iconic products to prep the actor’s skin for the Oscars. 

“They always make your skin look amazingly hydrated,” the celebrity groomer said about the luxury products, which, according to her, made her job easier. “Typically you don’t need to do that much if you’re practicing a good daily skin care regimen.”

“On his skin, I applied a pea-size amount of La Mer The Concentrate ($360 at MECCA) and [La Mer] The Eye Concentrate ($385 at MECCA) to the under-eye area,” she explained. “I then went in with the La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream ($570 at MECCA) all over his face.”

La Mer The Concentrate

La Mer The Eye Concentrate

La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream

Pedro Pascale may be doing the most with his grooming routine, but bride-to-be Vanessa Hudgens’ bridal beauty routine is quite the opposite. 

Main image credit: @cocoullrich

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