The $33 beauty buy Lily Collins has “shipped in by the box”

That’s a real everyday essential

Editor / February 17 2023

Considering she plays marketing genius (okay, debatable, but go with it) Emily Cooper on Netflix’s too-good-to-not-make-it-your-guilty-pleasure hit Emily in Paris, it’s no shock that Lily Collins is quite the promo pro herself.

She’s basically a walking ad for literally everything she wears/applies/uses (girl’s got pull), and her latest comment about a certain sheet mask has us speeding to the checkout.

We’ll be honest – when a celeb is acting as the face of a beauty brand, we sometimes take their suggestions a little less seriously. Recommending is part of the role, you know? But once, like Collins, they’ve got a decade or so under their brand ambassador belt, we trust that the endorsements are bona fide.

Collins partners with beauty giant Lancôme on everything from makeup to fragrance, but it’s a standout skin care buy that has become her everyday essential over the years.

“I've worked with Lancôme for like ten years now and I love their Génifique products. I have Génifique masks shipped in by the box because I use them every day,” she shared in a chat with Refinery29. “They help keep moisture locked in when I'm applying makeup every day.”

The Lancôme Advanced Genifique Hydro Gel Melting Mask ($33 at Myer) sounds like a morning must-have to us.

Lancôme Advanced Genifique Hydro Gel Melting Mask

A sheet mask every A.M. may sound a little time-consuming (the Génifique mask is best left on for 30 minutes), but luckily, Collins’ hair routine is a little more low-key. After all, a full blowout and a half-hour mask would make for a busy morning.

"With my hair, I'm an air drier. I let it do its thing. Then I'll put in some dry shampoo,” the actress revealed, even naming her fave formula. “Living Proof's Dry Shampoo ($68 at MECCA) has always been my favourite and it helps me to not have to wash my hair for a couple of days, which is always a plus. I'll go 3+ days.” This isn’t the first time she’s raved about this stuff, either – it’s even one of her two haircare handbag essentials.

Living Proof Perfect hair Day Dry Shampoo

“If it feels cleans and smells clean and I love what's going on, I'm just using the dry shampoo and not washing it,” she added. “I love that this brand is led by scientists who are working on this stuff in a lab. They prove that it's cleaning your hair, so I don't feel bad about not washing it."

So you’re saying we can skip a few wash days sans guilt? We’re so in.

Main image credit: @gregoryrussellhair

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