'Euphoria' star Sydney Sweeney is a redhead now

She's officially called time on her Cassie era

Digital Beauty Editor / March 10 2022

If you've spent the last eight episodes of Euphoria's second season as obsessed with Cassie Howard's buttery blonde as you have the actual plot lines, then know this: you are not alone.

We're right there with you on that one, as (seemingly) is the rest of the world. Because while the character may have done some, er, iffy things this year, her hair (unlike her moral code or ability to be a good best friend) has remained perfectly intact.

However, despite the fact that Sydney Sweeney (the incredible actress behind Cassie, who the Internet is rightfully infatuated with after her roles in both Euphoria and The White Lotus) generally rocks the very same shade of chic vanilla blonde IRL, she's made a major shade switch since cameras stopped rolling on Cassie's chaos.


In fact, Sydney Sweeney is now a full-blown fiery redhead (joining pal and castmate Barbie Ferreira, AKA Kat, who also debuted a copper colour for 2022).

Stepping out recently with a brand new hair hue, Sweeney set tongues wildly wagging across the Internet. Nothing like a redheaded red carpet appearance, right?

But though her new auburn shade is crystal clear in said snaps, Sweeney herself did share a slightly more subtle glimpse at her fresh look via her own Instagram. Giving fans a sneak peek of her role in her upcoming film project National Anthem, Sweeney shared a pic of herself in character as 'Penny Jo Poplin'.

"Cassie looks like she’s auditioning for Oklahoma here," one quippy Euphoria fan commented (IYKYK), alluding to the 'Southern belle' aesthetic Sweeney seems to be embracing for the role.


And while Instagram had jokes, Twitter had nothing but support for Sweeney's new shade. "Sydney Sweeney with red hair is the moment", wrote one user while another went a step further: "red hair sydney sweeney is my new religion."

We can't say we disagree; are we the only ones hoping Cassie's Season 3 look involves this very copper colour?

Well, while we wait to see if said dream comes true, we'll be patiently awaiting more onset snaps of Sweeney's latest look. Keep everything crossed, people.

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