Watch Bella Hadid’s first makeup tutorial

Because even supermodels have dark under eye circles

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / September 11 2018

Seeing as though Bella Hadid is the newest face of Dior Beauty and current model of the year, it’s fair to say that the she would know a thing or two about a) travelling and b) makeup.

So, when the model filmed a video with Vogue to give us a step-by-step tutorial on how to look fresh and awake when you’re feeling anything but, we took note.

In the video, Bella opted for a range of Dior’s brightening products including the Dior Diorskin Star Sculpting Brightening Concealer, Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder and Diorshow Maximizer Mascara Serum Base, Lash Amplifying. Whilst her look will set you back over AU$500, it’s her low-key and natural approach to makeup that stood out the most for us.

In the video, Bella starts off by saying ”I look really tired because I’ve been travelling for two months straight but it’s ok, because you know why? Foundation and concealer!” The model then applies both her foundation and concealer with a beautyblender to even out her skin tone and cover her dark under eye circles.

Next, Bella adds some definition to her face by applying a small amount of cream contour to her cheekbones before thoroughly blending it out with the same makeup sponge. Next up is highlighter, which she loosely applied to the tops of her cheekbones and brow bone to perk up the face, making her skin appear bright and glowing.

Bella then turns her focus to her eyes by lightly defining her brows, priming her lashes and applying a lengthening mascara. Then she dabs a light gold powder eyeshadow on her lids with the pad of her finger. To finish the look, she adds a touch of lip gloss to her lips and styles her wet hair into a slick high bun.

The final look is equal parts chic as it is effortless – a makeup look that we’re sure will be a go-to for us in the future.

To check out Bella Hadid’s tutorial in full, watch the video below:

Image credit: @voguemagazine

Video credit: @voguemagazine

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