Everything Bella Hadid does to keep her skin looking runway ready

“Skin before makeup”

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / February 22 2022

Bella Hadid has great skin. We know this. You know this. Heck, we’d be lying if we said we hadn’t spent a sizeable chunk of time staring at the model’s sunkissed, poreless visage on the ‘gram in the hopes that we would be blessed with the same near-perfect complexion by osmosis. 

And we’re not unjustified in our yearning either. It seems – according to Hadid’s facialist Kristyn Smith – that her skin really is that good. “To be honest, that family in general has really good skin,” she told CR earlier this year. “I've also seen Yolanda, and Yolanda has beautiful skin. Gigi doesn't really get facials because she has really beautiful skin, so it really is genetics.”



But that’s not to say the model doesn’t do her due diligence. In an interview with Glamour in 2018, she said it was her mother who advised her to take care of her “skin before makeup”.

“I try to stay consistent with my routine, especially when traveling,” she told the publication. “I don’t leave home without serums or oils." 

In fact, Hadid sticks to hydrating skin care like her life depends on it, employing a slew of masks, pre-makeup essential oils and moisturiser: “I used to be able to wash my face at night and not do anything after, but now if I go to sleep without moisturising, my face feels dry and tight.”

The Dior ambassador unsurprisingly has an impressive collection of Dior skin care that she swears by. “I actually use the Dior Homme face wash ($85.50 at StrawberryNET) and then the new Hydra Life moisturiser ($110 at Sephora) and mask; they're so good,” she revealed to ELLE back in 2017. 

“I like the Dior Hydra Life Jelly Sleeping Mask ($98 at Myer) before I go to sleep. When I wake up, my face is so refreshed and moisturised,” Hadid also told Teen Vogue. “[But] in the morning, I always like to do a sheet mask because it revives me, [and] to have something cool on my skin.”

CHRISTIAN DIOR Homme Dermo System Micro Purifying Cleansing Gel

DIOR Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Creme

DIOR Hydra Life Glow Better Fresh Jelly Mask

The 24-year-old is also a big fan of using essential oils pre-makeup. Specifically, the Meghan Markle-approved Decléor Aromessence Rose D'Orient Soothing Oil Serum ($177.50 at StrawberryNET), which makeup artist Mzia Shiman used on Hadid’s skin prior to the 2018 Victoria’s Secret fashion show.  In an interview with Byrdie, Shiman explained its use is to  “create an immediate softening effect that also helps reduce redness and irritation.”

And when Hadid’s in the mood for something a bit more involved? Well, she calls on one of her facialists – of which there are many. As previously mentioned, Hadid loves facials from Kristyn Smith, but she’s also partial to Mimi Luzon’s 24K Pure Gold Mask Treatment and she’s been known to stop in to see celeb favourite Barbara Sturm too when she’s not working.



Hadid also has a penchant for skin care tools, as she recently revealed in a ‘get ready with me’ style montage on TikTok:

Her weapon of choice? The ReFa Carat Ray Face

ReFa Carat Ray Face

As luck would have it, the expensive facial contouring tool isn’t available in Australia (surprise, surprise), but we’ve hunted down an equally impressive dupe, so you can roll your way to a sculpted jawline that rivals the model’s enviable bone structure. Plus, it costs a fraction of the price of Hadid’s ReFa – score.

Introducing: Lonvitalite Platinum Contour Roller ($129 at Adore Beauty). A facial roller tool that aids in lymphatic drainage and subsequently the minimisation of puffiness and inflammation. Sculpt, contour and relieve tension with a relaxing facial massage post your daily skin care routine.

Lonvitalite Platinum Contour Roller

As for those days where even her favourite topicals and tools aren't helping? Hadid turns to, well, a literal bowl of ice to de-puff, soothe and brighten her skin, as revealed by a recent Instagram post. Easy and extremely effective. We like her sub-zero style.


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Main image credit: @bellahadid

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