Bella Thorne won’t wear makeup unless she’s being paid to

Bella Thorne Won’t Wear Makeup Unless You Pay Her To

“I refuse to edit anything of myself”

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / February 17 2020

From Kesha’s epic freckled makeup-free selfie earlier this year, to Alicia Key’s decision to regularly forgo makeup (including on the red carpet!), there’s been a slew of celebs lately who’ve decided to relinquish heavy makeup in favour of embracing their natural beauty.

And we couldn’t be more on-board with this rush of makeup-abandoning celebrity faces. Keep all the realness coming, we say!

Actress Bella Thorne is the latest star to speak publicly about putting down the makeup brush, revealing that she won’t wear makeup unless dollars are on the table for her to do so.

According to the Associated Press, while promoting her new book The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray, the former Disney star said, “Seriously, I’m an open book. I’m not acting here. Like, legit, I never wear makeup unless I’m getting paid for it or I’m doing press. I literally show every aspect of me. I refuse to edit anything of myself.”

Even when Bella is wearing makeup for work, she has very strict requirements (yep, of the legal contractual kind) that she must be able to do her own makeup – a demand that was prompted by skin issues.

“My skin has been a long time in the works. I don’t even know how many years I’ve had cystic acne, but it started as dermatitis and then I tried basically everything you can think of. Tearing off parts of your own face (like your own skin), burning it off, the vampire facials, the microneedling, the lasers – every laser you can name, I’ve done it,” she revealed during a makeup tutorial for Vogue last month.

“Literally nothing worked, not one thing, and then I met this woman who changed my life and now I’m recreating her product in my acne line. And now, look at it! The change in my skin has caused me to only ever do my own makeup including on set, which is always a fun thing for me to get in contractually.”

But fair enough, we think. Good on you Bella for sticking to your guns and taking a stand on what goes on your face.

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