North West shares refreshingly candid photos of Kim Kardashian with no makeup on

A glimpse into the reality star's normal life as a mum

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / January 24 2024

Kim Kardashian is all set to relaunch her makeup line on January 26th under the new moniker SKKN BY KIM MAKEUP.

But that hasn't stopped her eldest daughter North West from reminding us all that Kim Kardashian isn't just one of the most glamorous women in the world, she's also a mum who isn't afraid to be a little goofy with her kids. 

The 10 year old shared a photo dump of candid pictures of the Kardashian West clan via the TikTok account she shares with her mum: Kim And North.

Amongst the chaotic selfies of North West and her friends, the pre-teen slotted in photos of Kim Kardashian without any makeup on, being silly with her kids. 





The most shocking thing about the relaxed pictures isn't that they've given us a glimpse at a refreshingly goofy side of the entrepreneur; the images are completely unedited and Kardashian hasn't used any filters either. 

Although we've grown accustomed to seeing the natural beauty go makeup-free while swimming on vacation, these photos showcase her carefree attitude about being photographed without makeup on.

They're also a testament to her desire to age gracefully. 

In 2022, she told Allure that she'd "chilled" out and stopped getting regular Botox injections in between her eyebrows, the result of which is keenly apparent in these recent candids of the SKKN founder.

She clearly has movement back in her forehead and she's proudly sporting the fine lines typical of a woman in her early forties. 

Considering the entire Kardashian family became so successful as a response to the excess of millennial youth culture in the '00s and the '10s, it seems smart and perhaps even intentional that Kim Kardashian is becoming more comfortable with sharing unedited photos of herself as she ages. 

Gen Z are a discerning audience that appreciate authenticity above all else, especially as far as their dollar is concerned. As the owner of multiple businesses that market to people of all ages, the mogul's decision to reveal a less contrived public image as she gets older may be the saving grace that sees her achieve relevancy for another decade or two. 

Considering her brand SKKN By Kim was one of the most-searched celebrity beauty brands of 2023, she might be on the path to do just that.

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