The 5 beauty essentials Kim Kardashian keeps in her handbag

"I've heard people are doing purse tours again..."

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / March 17 2024

Kim Kardashian's beauty habits are interesting to say the least. She wears false nails to stop herself from picking at her face, sometimes she sleeps in makeup, and her diets have been called "unhealthy" by critics.

So when the beauty founder took to the SKKN BY KIM Instagram account to share the contents of her handbag, we were keen to see what beauty products had made the cut. Naturally she's got some of her own products in there, but she's not a brand loyalist.

"I've heard people are doing purse tours again so I'm going to show you guys what's in my bag," the SKKN founder said in the video.

1/ Creaseless hair clips

After pulling out a trading card her son gave her for Valentine's day, she reached into her crystal rope tote to reveal a creaseless clip ($14 from Adore Beauty). "I have hair clips because I love to clip back my hair." she said.

2/ SKKN BY KIM Soft Matte Lip Colour & Lip Liner

"I also have my soft matte lips and lip liner," the beauty mogul shared. "I have [shade] 12 in the liner and a [shade] 3 lip and it's the combo I'm wearing now. Every time I do my combo I just throw it in my bag."

Unfortunately, SKKN BY KIM does not yet offer international shipping to Australia, but fingers crossed that changes in the not too distant future. 

3/ A hairbrush & a silk scrunchie

"I have a lot of beauty products in my bag. I have a little brush and always one of these silk rubber bands," said the entrepreneur. After close inspection it appears that the 42 year old has been chucking the Mason Pearson Boar Bristle & Nylon Pocket Bristle & Nylon Hair Brush ($194.38 from Catch) and Slip's Pure Silk Skinny Scrunchies ($39 from Sephora) into her handbag to tame her strands on the go. 

4/ Kylie Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Glow Balm

"I always love blushes," Kardashian revealed. The blush she's currently toting around? "The Kylie cream one in 'Feelings Neutral' ($35 from Kylie Cosmetics) and 'Long Way To Glow' ($35 from Kylie Cosmetics)".

5/ SKKN BY KIM skin care

"I also have my skin care. I have my oil drops because I'm obsessed with being moisturised and then I have my minis, I just throw them in my bag so I'm glowing at all times," Kardashian dished.

After she took out a clear bag with a pink, heart-shaped love note and heart-shaped cookies with pink icing and sprinkles — a Valentine's gift from her daughter — she pulled out a roll of bandages.

"I have this hand wrap and I don't always have this in my bag but I've been loving this look lately, it's very stylish," she joked, wiggling two bandaged fingers at the camera. "No, I hurt myself guys."

"It's for skin care, smooths out your skin," she said sarcastically as she dabbed her bandaged fingers under her eyes. "It's for blush, for highlighter. I sacrificed my fingers for some beauty."

Check out the rest of Kim Kardashian's handbag essentials below:

We love taking a sticky beak into the purses of celebrities. Like Stephanie Hsu, who is so obsessed with this beauty essential it's always in her handbag.

Main image credit: @kimkardashian

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