Podcast: We put a Victoria’s Secret model-approved body treatment to the test

get lippy beauty podcast

Plus: How to fake better lashes & Dami Im’s beauty mantra

September 08 2019

In last week’s episode (missed it? Listen right here), Sally gave Bettina a body beauty challenge: try the toning and tightening treatment the Victoria’s Secret models get before they hit the runway. So, what happened when Bettina trotted off to Jeannie Bourke at Venustus in Sydney to try a lymphatic drainage massage? She reveals all in this week’s ep. 

Plus, we’ve got the tips, tricks and products that’ll help you fake longer, fuller and curlier lashes; and we sat down with X-Factor and Eurovision alum and L’Oréal Paris beauty ambassador Dami Im to chat about her ever-changing hair colour, her beauty fails, and why you just need to try everything when it comes to makeup. 

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