All the best new manicure inspo courtesy of your favourite celebs

You're bound to find a look you love

June 01 2022

Everyone has their own sources of inspiration when it comes to the next trip to the nail salon (or hey, the lounge room if you're down to DIY). Some love Pinterest, some dive deep into the #nailart hashtag, and some rely solely on the specific trends the experts have named as standouts.

Some of our favourite manicure inspo, however, comes straight from the hands of Hollywood. Because let's face it, who other than our favourite celebs have wildly talented nail artists on speed dial and plenty of reasons to rock an array of nail looks from outlandish to understated?

So, if you're after a little help in the creativity department, look no further. Here are all our favourite celeb manicures...

Kourtney Kardashian swarovski crystal bridal mani

As far as bridal beauty goes, it’s all about the details. So you better believe we’ve been waiting with bated breath to see up close shots of Kourtney Kardashian’s bridal manicure. Celebrity nail artist Kim Truong let us get a closer look at her handiwork and even dropped the shade of gel polish she used for the bride’s French tips – Gelish’s ‘Hello Merlot’ ($21.95 at oznailsbeautysupply) – just in case you were wondering. She also used Swarovski crystals in the shade ‘Light Siam’ for the detail work.


Lizzo’s medley manicure 

We’ve all been there: sat opposite our nail artist struggling to pick a colour, let alone a design. And it turns out we’re not alone. Lizzo evidently had trouble honing in on a single motif for her latest manicure, so celeb nail artist Eri Ishizu went for a medley mashup of smiley faces, flowers, leopard print, flames and cherries (just to top it all off y’know). 


Cynthia Erivo pressed flower mani

If you thought the pressed flower makeup trend had enjoyed its day in the sun, you better think again. Cynthia Erivo resurrected the quaint look for her Cannes 2022 red carpet manicure and reminded us that floral moments in beauty ain’t pushing daisies yet. 

Image via: Getty

Kim Kardashian's Pete-inspired pink mani

Nothing says committed like a manicure ode to one's partner, right? Well, Kim Kardashian certainly thinks so, accessorising her Barbie pink nails with a 'P' for boyfriend Pete Davidson.


Dove Cameron's female form design

Cameron's nail art goal? Celebrating the female form, with a bust painted in red onto one of her natural talons as a feature nail. Curves on claws; chic.

Machine Gun Kelly's $40,000 diamond mani

Machine Gun Kelly is all about making style statements but his latest nail look has to be one of his biggest beauty swings yet. Because while many opt for plain old glitter polish, MGK actually wore $40,000 AUD worth of real diamonds atop his black polish. Don’t worry, though – the manicurist behind the look (Hollywood nail artist, Brittney Boyce) shared via Instagram that “the 880-diamond nail set worth $30,000usd will be upcycled post awards show into a collection of 10 limited edition rings available for sale at 100% of the proceeds from the rings will be donated to a Cleveland based charity.” A great mani and a great cause.


Hailey Bieber pearly baby pink nails

Recently, manicure trends seem to be more outlandish than ever (we’re still warming up to the 3D orb nail trend in all honesty). So when celebs pop up on social media with a more classic manicure, we sigh a breath of relief. Hailey Bieber’s nail artist Zola Ganzorigt gave us a behind the scenes glimpse at the model’s almond-shaped nails at her recent Rhode Beauty photoshoot. Baby pink and with a pearly finish that reflects under light – to say we’re a little bit obsessed with this new take on nude would be a bit of an understatement.

Megan Thee Stallion’s facial feature designs

All eyes were on Megan Thee Stallion’s mani when she hit the Billboard Music Award red carpet – no, literally – there were actual eye decals on them. Not just eyes, either; the starlet also featured nose and ear illustrations on her claws (as well as less, er, unique elements like locks). Nail art never looked so avant-garde.


Selena Gomez's jet black nails

Anyone who was there for Gomez's YouTube days knows she's a rock chick at heart (Paramore forever), and so it's really no surprise she pulled out a jet black polish for her hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. But because she is still one of the chicest women in the world, she of course managed to make the aesthetic the perfect mix of 'punk' and 'polished'.


Cardi B's chain mail manicure

Glistening gold razor-sharp claws? Not enough for Cardi B. She went extra in the best way possible by adding both rows of rhinestones and 3D chain mail strands. The mix of metallics and textures is heavenly!


Kendall Jenner's Cadillac claws

Matching your manicure to your outfit is one thing, but coordinating them with your Cadillac is another one entirely. Well, that's just what Jenner just did, tailoring the shade of her pastel bluebell polish to her (extremely cool) car.


Sydney Sweeney's 'Met manicure

Even at the Met Gala, Sweeney still has big Euphoria energy, and we love to see it. A cloudy (very) light lilac shade served as the shimmery base, but it was the diamonte accent action that made it a true showstopper.


Dua Lipa’s purple chrome nails

Dua Lipa just put her own unique twist on a classic metallic manicure. The popstar debuted purple chrome nails via her Instagram and they’re giving futuristic Barbie vibes – we’re obsessed. 


Vanessa Hudgens' two-tone crystal claws

Hudgens (AKA the long-reigning queen of Coachella) celebrated the festival with a funky two-toned manicure. While the crystal polish aesthetic (which definitely had a fun 3D factor going on, FYI) stood strong on both hands, she opted for neon green on one side and bright pink on the other.


Sofia Richie's natural engagement manicure

“Forever isn’t long enough” read the Instagram caption for Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge’s adorable engagement announcement. But you know what really made us swoon? The fact that the 23-year-old complemented her classic square cut engagement ring with a natural and neatly kept set of nude short nails. An elegant pairing indeed.


Anya Taylor Joy opalescent and gold half moon manicure

When it comes to manicures, we thought we’d seen everything. But celebrity nail artist Kim Truong pulled out all the stops for Anya Taylor-Joy at The Northman premiere in LA, and subsequently blew our minds in the process. Truong channelled all her creative powers into a gleaming set of opalescent and gold half moon nails so shiny they almost looked wet. Divine to say the least.


Maude Apatow abstract monochrome manicure

We know and love her for her classic beauty tastes, but Maude Apatow isn’t a one trick pony. The Euphoria actress just invigorated our love for eclectic manicures with a set of abstract monochromatic nails. A-list nail artist Michelle Humphries was the genius behind the swirl-centric style and we’re hoping to see more designs like these from the pair in the future.


Jodie Turner Smith diamond mani

The Critics Choice Awards may have wrapped last week but Jodie Turner Smith just invited us behind the scenes of the event via Instagram. The actress documented the entire evening, including her completely nude pre-glam ritual. The best part? Getting up close and personal with the diamond manicure that celebrity nail artist Natalie Minerva created for Turner-Smith. Turns out the pair have been working together since the start of their careers. What a full circle moment…


Megan Thee Stallion Invader Zim nails

We always knew Megan Thee Stallion had an unhealthy obsession with anime but apparently the rapper also has a taste for nostalgic cartoons. Thee Stallion shared her set of Invader Zim-themed nails via Instagram, and honestly they’re giving us major flashbacks to Saturday mornings spent trying to understand the evil genius of an alien set on infiltrating and destroying earth. Ahh, simpler times…


Jennifer Lopez's pressed flower mani

Blake Lively did it a few months back, and now J.Lo herself has jumped onboard the pressed flower manicure trend. Her manicurist Tom Bachik shared this snap of what he referred to as a "70’s Hippie Bohemian Rock & Roll Vibe." We love!


Vanessa Hudgens' flaming hot fuchsia mani

Hudgens’ latest matte-and-metallic mani looks a little like the kind of bright pink bold flame design we would have begged for before our school discos, but TBH that’s exactly why we love it. It’s somehow cheesy and chic all at once.


Khloe Kardashian red stiletto nails

Khloe Kardashian usually spends most of her time catfishing the Internet with drastic hair transformations. But when the reality star hit social media to give fans a sneak peek inside her pantry, all we could look at were her nails. Bright, shiny and red, Kardashian’s stiletto-length talons are so impressively long they almost exceed the length of her fingers. Honestly, we’d be game to see the 37-year-old challenge herself and whip out a set of nails that trumps these bad boys…


Blake Lively Half Moon Manicure

Blake Lively was busy playing wing woman this week for husband Ryan Reynolds’ The Adam Project premiere event. The actress dressed up like the literal human personification of a butterfly in a flowing rainbow Versace gown, but grounded the fantastical fashion moment with a set of nude-hued half-moon nails created by celebrity manicurist Elle Gerstein.


Selena Gomez's SAG Awards mani

Gomez's trip to the Screen Actors Guild Awards was an eventful one (her heel broke, FYI, and she handled it like a champ). But though she ended up presenting on stage sans shoes, Gomez's glam mani was perfectly intact all evening long. An emerald green shade with a shimmery finish that matched her jewels, the polish choice was both on-trend and timeless. Her manicurist Tom Bachik even shared its exact identity: TheGelBottle gel lacquer in Ivy ($37.89 at TheGelBottle). As for the finishing touch (and that impressive gloss factor), Bachik opted for a few drops of Hermès Nourishing Cuticle Oil ($75 at Hermès).


Beyoncé's Barbie pink nails

Thought the era of bright pink Barbie polish had passed? Not according to Beyoncé. And TBH if you ask us, what Beyoncé says goes. She took to Instagram to reveal what may be the chicest Valentine's Day mani ever (that for the record, is still subtle enough to work year-round). See those tiny silver details? Hearts. Cute but not OTT.


Justine Skye vintage Mugler manicure

There’s nothing we love more than an iconic fashion reference, especially when it ties back into another one of our true loves – beauty. Mega-talented New York manicurist FROSTED TIPS just officiated a happy marriage between a jaw-dropping vintage Mugler collection and Justine Skye’s almond-shaped nails, and we couldn’t be happier with this coupling. The result of this holy union? Mugler Spring 1998 couture-inspired nails expertly executed down to the last detail. 


Rihanna's short, neutral nails

We know your eyes may naturally be drawn to the giant ‘Rih’ ring (as they should be; it's a masterpiece), but we advise also taking a peek at what may be the new nail trend in town: a return to chic, short neutral manicures. Whether Rihanna’s solely embracing a more practical look throughout her pregnancy (with a plan to later return to the long nail game) remains to be seen, but for now, we’re happy to see a celeb showing off an achievable aesthetic.


Addison Rae's 'Euphoria'-inspired mani

We're all obviously obsessed with the Maddy/Cassie drama taking over Euphoria RN, but Addison Rae just took her love for both characters (and their aesthetics) to a whole new level by rocking this double-duty manicure. While both hands were painted a light taupe, one set of nails featured Cassie's gemstone decals while the other five were decorated with Maddy's Mugler-inspired graphic black swirl shapes. Fan behaviour never looked so chic.


Sydney Sweeney's monochrome abstract mani

The abstract mani may still be going strong, but no, you don't have to rock the rainbow version of it to be on trend. Euphoria star Sweeney made a subtle statement with her black and white take on it; muted but still fun.


Addison Rae's gemstone mani

A vibrant violet French manicure may have been enough for some, but Addison Rae upped her mani game even more with the addition of glitzy gemstone decals, in an array of sizes, shapes and shades.


Hailey Bieber Galaxy Nails

Hailey Bieber’s manicurist Lisa Kon just blew our minds with an intergalactic gel mani (using Kon’s namesake brand of gel polish in the shade ‘Cat Eye Infinity 05’, no less) that has us literally seeing stars. The stunning black-based nail colour contains light-shifting streaks of green and blue shimmer that remind us of natural phenomena like aurora borealis or the glimmer of phosphorescence on a moonlit beach. Epic to say the least.

Dove Cameron's 'statement everything' nails

Considering she was rocking neutral nails just days earlier, this new nail look from Cameron is quite the manicure one-eighty. Not only are the nails themselves super long (and sharp), but they're decorated with everything from 3D cobalt blue swirls to glitzy gold gemstones. Statement everything, please.


Kourtney Kardashian black french mani

Kourtney Kardashian AKA the queen of chic LA minimalism just shared a truly salivatory French manicure while casually nibbling on some sushi. From the delicate almond shape to the intricate linework on the nail bed, we have to admit this is top tier French manicure porn at its finest. Straight to the saved folder she goes! 


Britney Spears engagement announcement red French manicure

While the rest of us may be concerned about freeing Britney, her boyfriend Sam Asghari appears to have different plans (AKA locking her down for life). The personal trainer and model just so happened to pop the question while Spears was rocking a very on-trend set of red French tips. Spears shared an IG reel of the pair following the special moment for fans, giving some impressive spirit fingers to show off her ring (and that adorable mani too). Meanwhile, Asghari took to IG stories to hilariously assure fans of his intentions: “Thankyou to everyone who is concerned about the prenup! Of course we’re getting an ironclad prenup to protect my jeep and shoe collection in case she dumps me one day!”


Camila Mendes' subtle sparkly mani

When you think glitter, you probably think gaudy, right? Not when it's Riverdale star Camila Mendes rocking it. Instead of going for traditional chunky sparkle, Mendes opted for the drawn-on kind, showing off subtle shimmer-spiked pearlescent polish with a few sparkle emoji-esque illustrations added onto a feature nail. Glitzy but still chic.


Megan Fox's rainbow tips

In honour of Pride Month in the US, Megan Fox shared a bangin’ square tip rainbow French manicure on the ‘gram, accompanied by the iconic caption: “Putting the B in #LGBTQIA for over two decades 🌈🌈”. The icing on the cake? The comments section, which included this gem of a response: “honey you made us realize the B in a lot of us”. *chefs kiss*


Kylie Jenner's Fanta drip French

Sunkist or Fanta? Look, we won’t pretend to know where Kylie Jenner’s allegiance lies when it comes to orange soda, all we know is we’re obsessed with her OJ drip French manicure. 


Ariana Grande’s engagement manicure

Ariana Grande’s boyfriendreal-estate mogul Dalton Gomezrecently popped the question, proposing with a sizeable oval-cut diamond and pearl ring that thankfully matched the popstar’s angle-cut French-tip mani perfectly. It’s a *chef’s kiss* from us for these two lovebirds but especially for those on-point nails.


Billie Eilish's Gucci gang manicure

The girl's got green hair, so it's not like bold beauty looks are unusual for Eilish, but the wildly long, bright red talons she just debuted are definitely up there with her most outlandish. Each tip is adorned with its own individual Gucci logo (thanks to her nail artist @tammytaylornails), but while that's all chic and well, we're finding it a little tough to get over the length. It seems Eilish's followers feel the same; her comment section is filled with concerned gems like "you be typin with your knuckles don’t you." Long nail lovers know the struggle all too well.


Bella Hadid's personalised pearlescent neutral

Hadid really said "neutral polish but make it not boring" with this latest look. In fact, she and her nail artist, Mei Kawajiriactually collaborated in-salon to create a completely custom colour. “Mei + Bella = “Mella. We named “Mella” this nail colour we mixed,” Kawajiri shared via Instagram. Well, we sure hope they decide to bottle it soon; we feel like we've waited our entire lives for a flattering pinky nude with a pearlescent twist, and we'd buy in bulk.


Zoey Deutch's 'moo' mani

Deutch just jumped aboard the cow print nail art bandwagon, and she wants everyone to know. She shared snaps of her new mani via Instagram Stories, captioning one "@ me facetiming every person I've ever met to show them my moo nails." We don't blame her, we'd do the exact same...


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's pretty-in-pink look

For the girl who likes to look polished without a lot of fuss, look no further than Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's signature minimalist pale pink mani for your next nail look.


Kim Kardashian's crystal-embellished tips

It may not be the most practical of nail art choices but who could forget Kim Kardashian's wet-look nails complete with dripping crystals at the 2019 Met Gala?


Lizzo's chunky Cuban chain nail art

In 2020, we're seeing fashion girls everywhere swap fine, delicate necklaces for chunky golden chains. And, the trend is now making its way off the jewellery stand and onto nails – just ask Lizzo! Her Cuban chain nails couldn't be more fun.


Madelyn Cline's gold-trimmed talons

Well, it looks like Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline finally got her hands on the gold her onscreen counterpart Sarah Cameron has been chasing after; or rather, the gold got onto her hands, in the form of metallic-trimmed manicure.


If you’re looking for more new mani inspo, check out the 'milky nails' trend.

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