The best (and most affordable) Dyson Airwrap dupes in Australia

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BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / April 15 2024

Everywhere we look these days — be it TikTok, Instagram or IRL — we’re bombarded with Dyson Airwrap owners flaunting their exxy hair styler with wild abandon. 

Normally, we’d mute all relevant content creators tout suite, but given that the popularity of hot brushes and heated rollers are on the rise, the market has been flooded with a miraculous hoard of Dyson Airwrap dupes to rival the luxury styler.

Since the OG Dyson Airwrap Complete Multi-Styler first launched in 2018, it’s innovated the way we style our hair. Not just your average curling iron, it provides easy styling with minimal heat, and subsequently, minimal damage to hair. 

Dyson Airwrap Complete Multi-Styler 394930-01 in Fuchsia/Nickel

Since then, Dyson has produced multiple colourways and barrel lengths to cater to its ever-growing customer base, all of whom have different tastes and hair needs.

Dyson Airwrap Complete Long Multi-Styler 400722-01 in Nickel/Copper

Dyson Airwrap MS Complete Long in Blue/Rose

Dyson Airwrap MS Complete in Vinca Blue/Rose

While there’s no denying Dyson has created a premium product that delivers salon-quality results, customers seeking to purchase a new Dyson Airwrap are looking at a $949 price tag. 

We don’t know about you, but it would take a lot to justify a purchase that large — not to mention, the time it would take to save up. Plus, it’s hard to recommend the Dyson Airwrap to a friend knowing they’d have to fork out a considerable chunk of their paycheck just to purchase one too. 

The alternative? We’ve hunted down some genuine dupes that range in prices, so you can find a comparable hair styler that works for you.

2024's Top 3 Best Dyson Air Wrap Dupes 

Shark FlexStyle Air Styling & Drying System - HD440, $399 (usually $499), Shark

Mermade Hair Aircurl, $99, Mermade Hair

VS Sassoon Frizz Defense Hot Air Styler Mahogany VS2735GA, $71.96 (usually $89.95), Myer


The Best Dyson Airwrap Dupes To Buy In Australia

Mermade Hair Aircurl

from $99 at Mermade Hair


The Mermade Hair Aircurl is a worthy Dyson Airwrap dupe with three heat settings, 360° airflow, frizz-smoothing ionic technology (which promotes long-lasting hold), and a 32mm barrel curling tong that can be used to create waves, curls, ringlets or voluminous blowouts. The pretty in pink hair tool retails for just $99, and prioritises hair health above all else, using air to style strands rather than hair-damaging heat. 

Key features:

360° airflow air styling

32mm ceramic barrel – large size for voluminous curves & curls

Three heat settings

Ionic technology 

Damp or dry use

Available at:

$79.20 (usually $99) from Myer

$74.25 (usually $99) from Oz Hair & Beauty

$99 from Adore Beauty

Mermade Hair Aircurl


Shark FlexStyle Air Styling & Drying System - HD440

$499 at Shark


The Shark FlexStyle has already garnered a reputation as a cult-hit on BeautyTok. The Airwrap dupe features a very cool swivel styler base that makes it easier to switch between hair styling techniques. The only thing we didn’t love about it was the fact that it wasn't available in Australia. But after much anticipation (and pining) the FlexStyle has finally landed down under and it's half the price of the Dyson.

Key features:

6 different styling attachments
Intelligent heat sensors
Adjustable temperature settings

Available at:

$499 at Shark


Shark Flexstyle

5 In 1 Hot Air Styler

from $109.60 at Kogan


This hot air styler has five attachments, three heat settings and three styling speeds. Utilise the handful of barrel accessories to create a multitude of styles from curly and wavy to smooth and volumised.

Key features:

5 interchangeable attachments

3 heat settings

3 styling speeds

30mm curling barrels

Available at:

$109.60 at Kogan


5 In 1 Hot Air Styler

OLY by Hoppy Beauty

from $230 at Hoppy Beauty


The OLY is a promising entry in the sense that it sits neatly in the sweet spot of an axis of affordability and quality. The four-in-one styler is equipped with five attachment heads; a clockwise curling wand, counter-clockwise curling wand, flat brush, round brush, and hair dryer. Plus, it boasts hundreds of positive reviews.

Key features:

5 attachments

Round brush for adding volume

Smoothing brush for straightening

2 x spiral curlers for creating curls

Hairdryer attachment for rapid drying

Available at:

$230 from Hoppy Beauty

OLY by Hoppy Beauty

Drybar Reserve 3-in-1 Interchangeable Blow Dryer

from $244.30 at Amazon


Blow-dry experts Drybar have created this three-in-one blow-drying tool that looks like the slightly thicker cousin of the Dyson Airwrap. If volume and big bouncy waves trump traditional curls in your book, this is probably going to be your best friend. 

Key features:

Ultralight, ergonomic design

3 interchangeable attachments 

Ionic technology

Available at:

$244.30 (usually $349) from Amazon

BondiBoost Infrared Bounce Brush

from $155 at BondiBoost


Complete with infrared heat technology, this tool positions itself as a gentler alternative to traditional hot tools. It features the power of negative ions to lock in hydration as you style your strands, with aloe-infused bristles to invite extra shine, reduce frizzy and leave a glossy finish. It's only been out for a short time, but it's already making major waves (literally) as a Dyson Airwrap dupe for at-home bouncy blow dries. Note: this is one to use on dry hair only.

Key features:

Infrared technology

Aloe infused bristles

Ideal for air dried hair or second day touch-ups​

42mm barrel

Heats between 120°C – 220°C

360° swivel cord

Available at:

$108.50 (usually $155) from Hairhouse

$155 from Oz Hair & Beauty

$155 from Look Fantastic

Bondi Boost Infrared Bounce Brush

VS Sassoon Frizz Defense Rotating Hot Air Styler

from $89 at The Good Guys


At just $69, what's not to love about this pick from VS Sassoon? This styler uses Ionic Conditioning Technology to reduce frizz by releasing ions to eliminate static and condition the hair cuticle. A multi-directional, rotating ceramic barrel locks in and enhances shine for easy styling. You'll love the ease in drying, shaping and adding volume.

Key features:


Ionic conditioning technology

Multi-directional, rotating ceramic barrel

Super frizz defense technology

Available at:

$89 from The Good Guys

$71.96 (usually $89) from Myer

$71 (usually $89) from David Jones

VS Sassoon Frizz Defense Rotating Hot Air Styler

Is anything better than the Dyson Airwrap?

While the Dyson Airwrap remains a wildly popular hair styling tool, whether it's 'better' than the many Dyson Airwrap dupes currently available in Australia is entirely subjective and ultimately depends on what's important to you. For example, if you're looking for a tool that styles your hair with the least exposure to damaging heat, the science behind Dyson's Airwrap technology is hard to beat – but if you're more interested in the convenience of a multi-purpose tool at a lower price point than heat styling, there are plenty of worthy alternatives to explore.

What is the closest to the Dyson Airwrap?

With its six attachments and use of the Coanda technology with wrap-effect barrels, we'd say that the Shark FlexStyle is the closest you're going to get to the Dyson Airwrap original. At $499 it's at the higher end of the Dyson Airwrap dupe scale, but if that's within your budget (or you manage to scoop one up on sale!), it's a solid investment.


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