6 ways to go hair-free this summer

The tools that’ll leave your skin silky smooth from head to toe

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / January 11 2017

At-home hair removal has come a long way since warming large pots of wax on the stove. The newest products on the market are not only  safe to handle (yes, even without a professional), but they’re also a cinch to use, even for those trying it for the first time.

Here are six ways to de-fuzz your body just in time for summer, from your face, right down to your legs.


For your brows

If you’re in-between brow shaping appointments and just need to tidy up your arches, a wax that can target small areas is an easy solution for those stray hairs. Nair Sensitive Precision Wax Wand for Face & Eyebrow is a pen that houses a wax formula that you can apply over small areas of unwanted hairs, and then remove with a fabric strip. For stray hairs that you need to quickly remove and don’t want to stress about misplaced wax, try a pair of slant tweezers, like Tweezerman Gear Slant Tweezer, to pluck out baby hairs with precision.


For your nose

Looking for a solution to nix stray hairs from your nostrils? Nad’s Hair Removal Nose Wax for Men & Women is a clever solution to this problem. To use, dip the wand into the warm wax, place it into your nose, wait for the wax to cool, then pull down to remove the hairs.


For your underarms and legs

If you’re looking to remove those unwanted leg and underarms fast, then a razor is your best bet. Look for one that features blades that can remove hair quickly and safely, and offers an ergonomic design to contour to the curves of your legs and underarms. Gillette Venus Swirl Razor comes with five contour blades and a swiveling head to easily move over your body.

If you’re more inclined to wax and have the time, Waxaway Salon Pro Roll On Wax Kit is easy to use - just as the name suggests, simply roll the tool over your body (working in small sections at a time), press down with a wax strip, and pull back in a swift movement to remove the wax and hair.


For your bikini-line

This sensitive area can be tricky, so look for  a small and lightweight hand-held tool specially design to trim or shave hair while ensuring no cuts. Schick Hydro Silk Trim Style has a double-ended design where you can trim the hair with one side, then flip it over to shave where needed. If you’re looking for an electronic tool, Veet’s new Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler offers both trimming and shaving options, depending on the head you choose. The water-rinseable comb head works to cut hairs shorter, while the safe-to-use blades work to shave hair.

With summer just around the corner, get smoother skin with this guide to using aloe vera and treating cellulite.

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