Hairstyles to cover up your roots in-between hair appointments

Best Hairstyles Cover Regrowth

Time to get strategic

Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / April 19 2020

Okay, you can’t get in to see your hairdresser right now. But even though the world has come to a near-standstill, unfortunately the same can’t be said for your hair growth. With every passing day your roots are becoming more and more obvious.

So, now you need to think outside the box. It’s time to get strategic with how you style your hair to divert everyone’s eyes away from your regrowth. These are the best hairstyles to hide your roots.

Deep side part with volume

When your roots start to show through, it’s time to change your part to diffuse the regrowth line. Another trick: the more volume and texture you add, the less obvious your colour variation will be.

Double French braids

Distract them with the detail! The intertwined light and dark strands that a braid creates will draw attention away from your roots.

Finger-combed bun

The undone texture from roughly combing back your hair will break up the density of your exposed roots, while a bun will help draw the eye away. 


Play up the light and dark. When your regrowth is extra prominent, tie your hair up where your natural colour ends and your lighter ends begin to create the appearance of an intentional two-tone colour.

The wet look

Our hair naturally looks darker when wet, so embrace the wet look with a generous application of styling gel. It will soften the contrast between your natural colour and your fading highlights. 

Headbands and headscarves

It’s a good thing headbands are still trending - no one will catch on that your newfound love for wide headbands and headscarves has a hidden motif!

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