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Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / February 12 2024

After a painless but effective acne treatment? It might be time to try an LED mask; an impressive innovative piece of beauty tech we think is worth investing in. 

LED masks use scientifically proven light wavelengths to treat specific skin issues. These wavelengths are measured in nanometers and carefully studied, coloured light wavelengths target concerns such as acne and ageing by effectively killing acne-causing bacteria and encouraging collagen production.

Given efficacious LED masks retail for hundreds of dollars, we think it's important to do your research and purchase something you can use again and again for years to come to treat a range of skin issues. Keep reading to learn about the LED masks for acne that BEAUTYcrew believe are the best on the market. 

2024's top 3 LED masks for acne

Omnilux Clear Face, $460, Active Skin
PRO by Déesse PRO, $2800, Déesse PRO
San Lueur Advanced LED Light Therapy Facial Mask, $795, San Lueur

Omnilux Clear Face
from $460 at Active Skin

This portable red and blue light therapy mask was designed with acne-prone skin in mind; it utilises two clinically proven wavelengths of light (red 633nm and blue 415nm) to kill acne-causing bacteria. With frequent use this innovative piece of tech can help to minimise breakouts, redness, inflammation and soften the appearance of acne-scarring. 

Key features:

Red (633nm wavelength) and blue (415nm wave length) light therapy kills acne-causing bacteria
Flexible silicone face mask / rechargeable battery controller / head straps / carry bag / built-in protective eye shields
2 year manufacturer's warranty on device / 1 year warranty on controller from date of purchase

Available at:

PRO by Déesse PRO
from $2800 at Déesse PRO

This top of the line LED face mask is a real multi-tasker. It uses 415nm blue light to stop the multiplication of acne-causing bacteria and regulate sebum production, 545nm green light minimises the appearance of hyperpigmentation, enhances radiance and evens skin tone, and the combination of blue and green light targets redness and inflammation. This is all happening while red and near-infrared wavelengths speed up healing and minimise scarring, and blue (415nm), red (630nm) and near-infrared (830nm) wavelengths increase the production of essential wound healing proteins and collagen. 

Key features:

The first LED face mask to utilise green light (545nm) 
Has blue (415nm), red (630nm), near infrared (830nm) and green (545nm) light wavelengths
6 Powerful Treatment Modes
770 LED Diode Bulbs / Precision Korean Engineering / Medical-grade Silicon Protective Eye Inserts / CE Certified
Controller Unit / Protective Eye Goggles / Head Straps / Power Cable / Global Power Adaptors / Operating Manual
2 year warranty

Available at:

San Lueur Advanced LED Light Therapy Facial Mask
from $795 at San Lueur

Aussie brand San Lueur wanted to bring the efficacy of in-clinic LED therapy to the home by harnessing the most powerful energy output for an at-home device (50mW/cm2), which has been partnered with optimal wavelengths for the best results. Blue LED light (415nm) targets blemishes and breakouts, red LED light (633nm) minimises redness, inflammation and hyperpigmentation, and near-infrared light (830nm) stimulates collagen and elastin, which in turn, helps to unify tone and texture, minimise pore size and enhance radiance.

Key features:

180 LED lights (120 dual-wave red and near-infrared lights, and 60 blue lights)
Blue light (415nm +/- 10nm) / Red light (633nm +/- 10nm) / Near-infrared light (830nm +/- 17.5nm) / Irradiance (50mW/cm2)
Soft, flexible silicone facial mask / adjustable Velcro head straps / Controller / USB charging cable / 2A USB power adapter
1 year warranty

Available at:

Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro
from $665 at Net-A-Porter

All it takes is three minutes to reap the anti-wrinkle and anti-acne benefits of this LED mask. It's been fitted with 100 red LED and 62 blue LED lights, which work simultaneously to smooth wrinkles, unify the complexion and kill acne-causing bacteria. The red light stimulates collagen production, while blue light targets acne-causing bacteria, redness and inflammation. 

Key features:

3 minutes to treat wrinkles, acne, redness and inflammation
100 red LED lights and 60 blue LED lights
Adjustable head strap / Automatic shut-off / full-face, hands-free design
630nm Red / 880nm Infrared / 605nm Amber / 415nm Blue
1 year warranty

Available at:

Therabody Theraface LED Mask
from $899 at David Jones

Therabody's Theraface has 648 medical-grade LED lights, which is three times more than comparative masks. It utilises a combination of red light (to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots), red and infrared light (to stimulate collagen production and firm skin), and blue light (to fight acne and acne-causing bacteria). Plus, it uses vibration therapy to relieve tension and boost circulation around the eyes, browline and scalp.

Key features:

9-minute preset treatment / quick 3-minute treatment
Red, infrared and blue light
Vibration therapy
Cordless design with removable protective eye shield
Non-Charging Stand / Adapter - UBS-A+C to USB-C
120 minutes battery life in LED Light Mode and 60 minutes in Vibration Mode
1 year warranty

Available at:

Main image credit: @sanlueur

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