The breakthrough formula that’ll help target the root cause of acne-prone skin

It’s time to treat the concern, not just the symptom

Editor / February 09 2024

Sometimes you don’t think something could possibly get better until another element is added. Take Marvel movies, for example - there wasn’t an evident missing piece, considering they’re basically in the midst of a world takeover. Add the presence of Harry Styles (in a short but very sweet appearance as smouldering superhero Eros), however, and you’ve turned a solid ten of a film into an eleven.

That’s basically what La Roche-Posay have done with their iconic Effaclar Duo+ formula. There wasn’t necessarily a need to improve the formula (seeing as the results and cult-favourite status spoke for themselves), but they do happen to be the No.1 dermatologist recommended skin care brand in Australia****, so it makes sense that they pioneered microbiome science to make something already great even better. Enter the new and improved La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+M Anti Imperfections Moisturiser ($37.95 at La Roche-Posay). It’s even being billed as the brand’s best anti-imperfection treatment yet*.

What went into said formulaic renovation, you ask? A fancy fella by the name of ‘phylobioma’. Now we’re not saying you need to commit the spelling to memory (er, tricky), but we’re all for taking note of the benefits.

What ingredients are in the new formula and how does it work?

We don’t like to toss around the word ‘revolutionary’ lightly, but that’s what phylobioma is. Powered by microbiome science, this new active ingredient has ‘reducing imperfections’ at the top of its talent list, and is straight-up determined to target the root causes of acne-prone skin. In fact, a consumer test of the product showed visible results from just eight hours***.

And because La Roche-Posay knows skin through and through, they’ve of course included a few ingredients that aim to protect against the appearance of any pink/brown marks or uneven tone left once a breakout has evacuated. Procerad is the name that the formula’s anti-marks ceramide goes by, and trusty niacinamide is in the mix to help address post-acne marks and pigmentation.

In fact, according to a cosmeto-clinical study, with application of the formula twice daily, from four weeks consumers saw -45% post-acne marks***.

What skin types is the Effaclar Duo+M moisturiser suitable for?

So if you’ve got all that blemish-fighting action going on thanks to the presence of phylobioma, what else do you need? A bit of nourishment, of course, to ensure the skin remains balanced. In fact, the Effaclar Duo+M Anti Imperfections Moisturiser formula offers hydrating and soothing benefits to boot. As explained by Dermatolgist Dr. Stephanie Rae,  “these products are designed for oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin and help to remove impurities, unclog pores, reduce inflammation and improve the skin barrier."

Further to this it’s been tested on all skin tones and if you’re looking for a product to help your teen or tween’s breakout, it’s also suitable from 10 years old, under parental supervision.

Feel wise, you can expect the same hydrating, lightweight texture you know and love, in a gel-cream formula that absorbs in a flash without leaving any oily, sticky residue behind. As you may have noticed, even the design has been enhanced. See that M? That’s what you’ll spy on the new bottle to know it’s the fresh phylobioma-packed stuff.

How can you get best results from the newly-improved Effaclar Duo+M moisturiser?

Another difference between the Effaclar Duo+M Anti Imperfections Moisturiser and other blemish-targeting skin care? It’s anti-imperfection care that you can apply to your whole face. While treatments that target individual blemishes can be effective for a one-off spot, they can’t help target the root cause of acne-prone skin. To work to get to the cause of the concern, a product should be able to be applied across the entire area of affected skin, and target the root (the bacteria below) rather than the symptom (a single spot).

You can simply apply a small amount over your whole face morning and night, after cleansing your skin. By adding an acne-prone skin-addressing product as your twice-a-day daily moisturiser, your complexion will be left cleansed, clarified, and clear, plus hydrated.

So go on, pop this new and improved formula on our ‘made even better’ list side by side with the aforementioned life-changing Harry Styles cameo; it’s that impressive.

*compared to previous formulas of Effaclar Duo+
**consumer test, 54 subjects, after 1 application
***Cosmeto-Clinical Study, 45 subjects after 4 weeks
****AplusA Healthcare Market Research, Dermatologist Barometer Survey, Australian Dermocosmetic Market, January to May, 2023.

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