Keep the Sunday scaries at bay with this at-home facial routine

Good for pampered skin and a soothed soul…

Content Producer / June 03 2024

Picture this: you wake up on a gorgeous Sunday morning, only to realise in 24 hours you’ll be sat back at your fluorescently-lit dreary desk (a true nightmare). Okay sure, maybe the Sunday scaries don’t set in the second your eyes open. But when that realisation dawns, and you don’t have the funds to book an “emergency” getaway there’s only one thing left to do: an at-home facial. 

Yep, it’s time to set out on the ultimate ‘scaries’ (and skin)-cleansing, rejuvenating endeavour. And let’s be real. We probably all should focus a little more attention on the deep cleansing aspect of our skin care routines. And these are the four steps that are going to get your mind, skin and soul sorted for the week ahead – we bet you even have all the products on your beauty shelf right now.


Cleanse away the day

Whether or not you’ve actually put makeup on, (double) cleansing your face should be the first step in your hard-hitting skin care routine. Starting with a nourishing (makeup-melting) cleansing balm like Alpha-H Melting Moment Cleansing Balm ($69.95 at Alpha-H) will help to gently remove any buildup (or makeup) while still ensuring your skin's pH stays balanced. The next step on the cleansing journey? An oh-so-gentle gel. Synergie Skins UltraCleanse ($72 at Synergie Skin) lightly foaming pick makes for the perfect double in the cleansing journey. And if you want to take your skin to a whole new cleansing level, add in a cleansing device to your routine. Trust us, your skin will be thanking you.  


Mask up

Arguably the most exciting, relaxing and all round fun part of an at-home facial is applying a deep-cleansing mud mask. If you’re anything like us, clay masks were your first foray into the at-home facial world. And while it’s only grown from there (LED mask anyone?), we can’t forget our (still impactful) roots. 

Coming in with a fan-favourite classic clay mask, with an ultra-hydrating, surprisingly purple-twist is Benefit with their POREfessional Deep Retreat Clay Mask ($62 at Adore Beauty). Drying out to show drawn-out oily residue, this mask is the go-to for pore-refining. If the mess of applying a clay mask is where you draw the line, then we’ve got exciting news. Luxesticks have created a range of nourishing clay masks that come in a convenient-to-apply stick. Yep. No more coating your hands to get the sebum-reducing pore cleanse you’re so desperately seeking. For a traditional charcoal-clay cleanse, check out the Luxesticks Charcoal Clay Stick ($29.99 at Chemist Warehouse)



Exfoliate away

As much as we love seeing a good old clay mask whisk away our excess sebum, there’s nothing better than a hard-hitting exfoliator sloughing away your dead skin. And while our preference is for a chemical exfoliator (they tend to be less intense on your skin), any buffing pick will do the trick.

If it’s been a while since you last exfoliated, investing in a power-packed peel could be the way to go. The fast-acting enzyme-boosted Rodan and Fields Multi-Acid Enzyme Peel ($137 at Rodan and Fields) works to reveal a more radiant, brightened complexion, while Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold ($74.95 at Alpha-H), offers a more consistent (twice-weekly) addition to your exfoliating routine. 


Hydrate your skin

After going in hard with all the scrubbing and deep cleansing, adding back a heaping helping of moisture is a must. And when you’re looking to moisturise, why not turn to the best of the best? Loved by celebs, Crème De La Mer ($610 at La Mer) is quite literally the cream of the crop. Bolstered by La Mer’s trademark Miracle Broth™ and infused with antioxidant rich lime tea, this incredibly hydrating moisturiser will revolutionise your skin's moisture-barrier. And while you’re at it, you may as well nourish your body too. Go on, you know it’s watching your face get all the attention whilst crying out for a hit of moisture. Why not add in an aromatic ritual of slathering yourself in a body oil? We suggest picking your elemental sign and coating yourself in the Astromantique Body Elixir ($69.95 at Astromantique)

And of course, if you’ve chosen to partake in a morning pampering sesh (good job being a go-getter), you’ve got to finish off the routine with a hearty dose of sunscreen, like The Answer Daily Ritual Face Cream ($49.95 at The Answer Skincare). And if you’re intending to actually leave your house and not enjoy the rest of ‘self-rot Sunday’ then be sure to wear sun-protective clothing (hat, sunnies) and be cautious of peak UV. 

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