The right way to apply facial oil

Because your complexion will thank you for it

Beauty Crew Editor / April 11 2016

Scary as it may sound, using a facial oil can have huge benefits for your skin – no matter if your biggest concern is oiliness (yes, really!), ageing, pigmentation, sensitivity, or dehydration.

While there are plenty of facial oils to choose from, the technique for applying each one remains the same.

Sanctuary Spa Skin Expert and celebrity facialist Nichola Joss shares her tips for getting the most out of your facial oil.


When to apply it

Cleanse, tone and apply your serum, making sure to let your serum settle into your skin before moving onto applying the oil.


How much to apply

Put a few drops of oil onto your palm and rub your hands together to warm the oil.


Press into your skin

Before rubbing in the oil, press your palms onto your cheeks
TOP TIP: To make the process a little more relaxing and spa-like, “close your eyes and breathe in the calming aroma of the oil.”


Massage into your skin

Using your fingertips, massage the oil into your skin. “Start from the centre of your face, working outwards and upwards, moving in small circular motions.Gently massaging the oil into your skin can help relax and tone your facial muscles, which then helps to sculpt facial contours. It also helps remove any tension or stress, improves blood flow, and helps the ingredients work harder to hydrate your skin. So basically, don’t skimp on this step.


Massage the oil down

Work your hands gently down your neck and across your chest in sweeping motions.


Give your hands some TLC, too!

Finish by sweeping the rest of the oil across the top of your hands (because the skin on your hands need a little love, too!)

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