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Editor / November 25 2022

Considering the summer season centres around swimming and the fact that sweat is, well, a thing we must contend with, we’re all about embracing a bare face once December hits.

But while there are definitely things you can do to enhance your natural skin on your own (e.g. upping your water intake, dialling up the citrus, and mastering your topical routine), treatments are simply in a league of their own when it comes to efficacy. ‘Leave it to the pros’ is a saying for a reason, you know?

So in a bid to ensure you’re living your best bare-faced life by summertime, we’ve put together a nifty guide that breaks down exactly which treatment will aid which concern. Book now and thank yourself later!

If you’re struggling with… pigmentation

Try: Laser pigmentation removal

Age spots, melasma and general dark patches tend to be super stubborn, so a treatment will generally prove more powerful than traditional topicals in the journey of reducing and removing them. A winning option to try? Laser pigmentation removal! The laser light works some serious wizardry, safely and effectively combatting dark spots, unwanted freckles, and hyperpigmentation (caused by sun damage and ageing). How? It works to break the pigment into fragments, drawing it to the surface (where it’ll then eventually fade away). Impressive, we know. The result? A more even and harmonised complexion.

We recommend: Laser Pigmentation (from $149 at Clear Skincare)

If you’re struggling with… dullness

Try: an acid-powered peel

You know what’s getting in the way of the radiance you’re chasing? Dead skin! So, if you’re looking a little lacklustre (and you’d rather be giving ‘luminous’), it’s time to book in for a peel; preferably one powered by a good exfoliating acid. Our two fave kinds? Glycolic acid, a powerfully potent option that promotes instant exfoliation (and hence, reveals a fresh layer of gleaming skin), and lactic acid, a gentler version perfect for anyone with sensitive a skin type.

We recommend: Signature Peels, from $89 at Clear Skincare

Currently on sale for $79 (or $89 for a Signature Peel + LED Light Treatment, normally priced at $109)

Plus buy three get one free!

If you’re struggling with… texture

Try: skin needling

Texture can be a tricky concern to tackle, mostly because there’s so many ‘styles’ of it: fine lines, enlarged pores, rough skin, the list goes on. Address all types with a skin needling treatment – micro needling helps to stimulate the production of collagen to create smoother, firmer, plumper skin (combatting everything from pore size and blackheads to acne scarring as it works). We swear it’s not as scary as it sounds, either! It simply works by using a small pen-like device to make thousands of micro-punctures on the skin to kickstart its repair process. Pretty harmless, huh?

We recommend: Skin Needling, from $299 at Clear Skincare


If you’re struggling with… redness

Try: LED light treatment

Ah, sensitive souls, we know it can be a tall task finding a treatment that will help (not hinder) your reactive complexions but allow us to point you in a direction you may have previously written off. Sure, subjecting sensitive skin to hot red light may sound counterintuitive, but that very thing (also paired with blue LED light) can in fact work wonders for your ‘flush’ factor. Not only do said lights boast soothing benefits, but their highly penetrative status allows them to reach deep into skin cells, stimulating dermal blood flow and reducing the size of blood vessels. The result? Reduced redness!

We recommend: LED Light Treatment, from $69 at Clear Skincare

If you’re struggling with… acne

Try: a heated acne treatment

So, you’ve tried just about everything on your acne, and nothing’s budging those blemishes? We bet you haven’t tried heat. Applying heat to an acne lesion can actually melt the oil sitting within the oil gland, clearing congestion in a flash. And there are some ace treatment options out there that do just that! The best bit (besides the fact it can alter acne, of course)? It doesn’t do any harm to the healthy surrounding skin. Anyone who’s tried their share of acne treatments will know that’s a blessing!

We recommend: Signature Acne Treatment, from $139 at Clear Skincare

If you’re struggling with… dehydration with a side of all of the above

Try: a HydraFacial

Need a one-stop shop style treatment that’ll leave you looking deliciously dewy? We cannot say enough amazing things about the HydraFacial. But fine, we will let you in on the fact that Beyoncé herself is a fan! A multifaceted procedure that uses a patented vortex tip to suction out debris and impurities and then infuse serums into the skin, it’s the shortcut to big benefits with no downtime. Not only is it super satisfying (you’ll see both what comes out of your skin as well as immediate glossy-finish results post-treatment), but incredibly effective across an array of areas. Need to boost glow? Done. Want smoother texture? Voilà! Dying to eliminate congestion, plump lines, and leave skin glistening? Check, check, check. We’re telling you; if you’re making time for one treatment before summer hits, let it be a HydraFacial – it’s what Queen Bey would want for you!

We recommend: HydraFacial, from $209 at Clear Skincare

 (HydraFacial normally $229 Currently $209 but buy three get 1 free!)

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