The party season hair trends to try this year, according to the pros

The team at Edwards & Co weigh in

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / November 19 2021

It’s that time of year again, folks. And by that ‘time of year’, we do mean when the weather heats up, the drinks are a-flowin’ and the dance floors of the city’s dirtiest nightclubs start to look like the best thing since sliced bread. 

Yep, party season’s here. 

And you know what that means? Prepping your makeup kit for the glitter-drenched party season makeup you’re going to be applying, and figuring out how to turn your strands into works of art (that also somehow stand up against a night of sweaty bustling from venue to venue). 

The latter is where the lovely team over at Edwards & Co come in, bringing their expert knowledge to our malleable and hungry minds (and boy are they hungry for some quality hair styling fodder). 

Without further ado – here are the party season hair trends to get your pretty little heads around. 

The Top Knot

While some may think the top knot should be reserved for days spent in sweat pants at home, according to the Edwards & Co team it’s actually “the perfect busy girl look.”

Why? Well, “this style can take you from the office through to the evening.” 

“Its casual vibe means you don’t have to worry about making it perfect, the texture and a few undone strands only enhance the look. It also highlights your features, enhancing your cheekbones and jawline, [and] who wouldn’t love that?”.



The Big and Bouncy

“Bouncy, polished ’90s blowout vibes are having a moment once again,” says the hair aficionados. 

“Perfect for a show-stopping party entrance, defined by sky high volume at the root and an unapologetic “done” vibe, this flicky look is the ‘90s supermodel mood we all need more of in our lives this festive season.” 

Note to self: Channel your best Cindy Crawford this summer.



Hollywood Glam

If you’re into hairstyles that can take you from the office to a dinner at one of your city’s most impressive establishments, and then segue into an evening of cocktails, then “soft and glossy glamour waves” should be on your radar. 

According to the Edwards & Co team they “are the sophisticated look you need for that demure occasion that requires the classiest version of you.” 

“Hollywood glam is a timeless look that transcends age, offering a polished and refined look that’s always on trend.”



‘70s Ponytail

The ‘70s have been having a major resurgence in the fashion and beauty spheres over the last few years. And the upcoming festive season is no different, with the Edwards & Co team championing the ‘70s ponytail as a major hit this summer.

“This snatched ponytail is fashion forward and edgy, perfect to accompany that outfit you have been dying to wear, whether it's a dramatic evening gown or simple streetwear... perfect for those wanting to stand out and make a scene.”



Modern Girl Ponytail

After a style that can refresh your beachy waves the day after (hey, we’ve all been a little overzealous with our party scheduling before – no judgement here)?  

Then try the ‘Modern Girl Ponytail’ for size.  

“[It’s] just as polished as a full updo or ponytail but totally effortless,” explains the Edwards & Co team. “Perfect to add a little zjoosh to last night's waves when you’re facing back to back events.”



Party Waves

It wouldn’t be an Aussie hair trend report without mentioning some form of wavy hair styling technique now would it? 

“Synonymous with our beach-to-bar lifestyle, this effortless look features masterfully crafted mermaid waves with a touch of texture. [Plus] it’s perfect for all ages and any occasion.”



We’ve actually taken the liberty of creating a hair styling tool kit to help you craft the many party season styles ahead...

We recommend:

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VS Sassoon Straight to Curl Brilliance Black Hair Styler VSS481A

SCUNCI Clear Polybands 52 Pack

Toni & Guy Bobby Pin Combo Brown 30pc

After a complete overhaul when it comes to your hair? You should ask your hairdresser for a 'sliced bob' this summer.

Main image credit: @chrisappleton1, @kyliejenner and @lucyhale.

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