Easy ways to deal with your less-than-ideal winter skin

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Parched? Tight? Flaking? We’ve got you

Beauty Crew Editor / July 02 2018

How good is wearing cosy knits, chugging down hot chocolate and planting yourself in front of a heater? Winter certainly has its perks, but while we were all getting excited about not having to shave our legs every few days and living in clothes big enough to hide our pasta binges, we forgot about how the cooler months can take a toll on our skin – both the face and body kind. 

So if anywhere in the vicinity of your head to your toes is feeling dry or tight, or even looking a bit flaky or scaly, here’s how to rectify the situation.


Switch to a body oil

Body lotion is good. Great, in fact. But if your limbs are in need of a serious dose of hydration given the season, up the ante by swapping your regular lotion for a nourishing body oil. Thursday Plantation Macadamia Ultra Hydrating Daily Body Oil contains 100 per cent naturally derived macadamia oil, and if you don’t know anything about the ingredient, get ready for it to become your new best friend in winter. Not only is it super hydrating, but it also helps lock in moisture and supports the skin’s natural protective barrier, meaning your dry skin will be left feeling hydrated, replenished and intensely nourished. And if you think you’ll be left feeling slippery post-application, don’t worry – the oil absorbs quickly and easily into skin.

Thursday Plantation Macadamia Ultra Hydrating Daily Body Oi


Indulge in a masking session

When it comes to dehydrated skin that’s in need of a quick fix, you can’t go wrong with a mask packed with moisturising ingredients. If you’re not into a cream, gel or mud mask that needs to be applied, set and washed off, try a no-fuss sheet mask like SK-II Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask.

SK-II Mask


Boost hydration with a targeted treatment

While you may know that serums exist to treat issues like pigmentation, congestion and fine lines, you may be pleased to discover that there are serums specifically formulated to boost hydration in your skin. Add something like Cremorlab O2 Couture Hydra Bounce Ampoule into your routine, layering under your regular serums and moisturisers for extra skin nourishment.

Cremorlab O2 Couture Hydra Bounce Ampoule
TOP TIP: If you love the idea of using oils to boost hydration, apply a few drops of the Thursday Plantation Macadamia Ultra Hydrating Daily Face Oil to your face and neck after moisturising.


Don’t forget your hands (and feet)

The skin on your hands and feet isn’t immune to the drying effects of winter’s chill – especially when you consider that your hands are weathering the cold more than any other area of your body. Up the hydration of your hands by keeping Du’It Tough Hands For Her in your bag, and treat yourself to the Sephora Collection Foot Mask every once in a while.

Duit tough hands for her

Skin misbehaving in other ways? Don’t worry, we’ve got your skin fixes right here 

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