Blake Lively just schooled us all with this genius nail polish hack

Though it might appear as a fashion crime to some...

BEAUTYcrew Content Producer / November 11 2021

Blake Lively has a bit of a reputation for doing whatever the heck she wants when it comes to fashion (unsurprising considering she embodied fashion It-girl Serena Van Der Woodsen on screen for so many years). 

And in what would probably be seen as a crime in Blair Waldorf eyes, Lively just perpetuated her image as a fashion rule breaker by utilising a simple bottle of red nail polish to upcycle her Manolo Blahnik’s. Crafty to say the least.

In a post on the 34-year-old’s Instagram, Lively revealed that she had defaced the crystal embellishments on her designer shoes to match her monochromatic raspberry-hued fit.



In the lengthy apology, Lively first admitted she’d probably pissed off a few fashion afficianado’s with the daggy way she’d tied her Max Mara coat: “I’m the 5th Golden Girl. Wow, it’s divine though.” 

She then expressed her regret for straying from her red theme with a pink Chanel bag, but it was her grievance against Blahnik’s expensive steps that was somewhat more severe by comparison.

“I’m sorry @manoloblahnik for painting the jewels on my shoes with red nail polish as I was walking out the door,” Lively said in the post, punctuating her transgression with an apt ‘shh’ emoji. 

“Worth it tho??” she questioned through gritted teeth, while wringing her hands anxiously (well at least that’s what we grasped from the emojis). 


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