3 things you didn't know about blow-drying your hair

Blow-Drying Secrets You Didn’t Know Until Now - Mandy Moore

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marie claire marie claire Beauty Director / January 31 2018

Blow-drying – do you feel like you’ve got it pretty close to down pat but still can’t quite seem to get it as good as your hairdresser does? Here are three things your hairstylist knows but you didn’t (until now):

#1 / Vinegar offers a great hair detox

“After shampoo and conditioner, add 15mL of organic vinegar to a measuring jug and fill the remainder with cold water,” advises Simon Bright, Creative Director at Jonny + June Hair. “Cold water closes and smooths down the hair cuticle and vinegar promotes shine.”

#2 / Don’t get too hot

“Use a medium heat when blow-drying,” says Bright. “Never hot, as this burns and frays the hair.”

#3 / Twist as you turn

“If you twist the hair as your wind it around your curling brush while blow-drying, you will get more bend in the hair,” suggests LA-based celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Colombini.

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Is your frizz getting in the way of a smooth blow-dry? This is the anti-frizz product Kim Kardashian swears by.

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What are your go-to tricks for mastering a blow-dry?

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