Fake a natural flush

Nail that ultra-fresh, radiant glow

InStyle Contributor / July 17 2019

That rosy tinge that creeps across your complexion post-Pilates is the epitome of health. But if there’s no time for a swift asana sequence, you can blend your way to a natural flush in seconds with some strategically placed blush. In just three simple steps you can achieve a pretty, rosy glow. Namaste to that.  


Use the right brush

Blush should be applied last, after foundation and powder. “The smooth surface allows for an even application,” says makeup artist Nadine Monley. Take a kabuki brush with soft bristles (this will create a natural look) and press it into the powder, tapping it against the rim to remove any excess product.
use a kabuki brush for blush


Apply on your cheeks

“Look in the mirror and smile, sweeping blush onto the highest part of the cheek, then blend it upwards and outwards,” Monley instructs. The aim is to take the colour up to your temples to create the illusion of lifted cheekbones.
Apply to the highpoints of your cheeks
TOP TIP: If ageing skin is a concern, don't smile when applying blush. Simply dust some powder on the apples of your cheeks and cheekbones.


Fix any mistakes

To intensify, apply more blush, and if you’ve been heavy handed, just blot the extra powder with a makeup sponge.
blot excess powder

Main image credit: Edward Urrutia
Illustrations by: Ann Do

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